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Today, I’m beyond thrilled to present the WORLD PREMIERE of the trailer of our very own Erin Cashman’s UNCHARTED coming on September 4th from Page Street Publishing. The book, described as equal parts mystery, romance and thriller, follows 17-year-old Annabeth as she investigates her father’s disappearance in a foreboding wood. It’s been at the top of my book wishlist for months. Luckily, there’s now a gorgeous trailer to keep me occupied while I wait! 

Plus, Erin shares a bit about how she created the trailer below! So stay tuned.

And now, without further ado, the world premiere of the UNCHARTED book trailer.e


AYAP: What inspired you to create a book trailer for UNCHARTED?
EC: I enjoy watching trailers—book trailers and movie trailers—because I love how they utilize words, music, and images to evoke the atmosphere, tone, and crux of a story, in such a memorable way.

AYAP: Can you tell me a little bit about the planning process? How did you decide what the trailer would include?
EC: The tag line for UNCHARTED is A Secret Worth Dying For Is Also Worth Killing For. I wanted the trailer to conjure that sense of danger and mystery. But UNCHARTED also has Irish myths and legends, romance, and themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the importance of family—those related to us and those who aren’t, but are family all the same. Finding the right images to convey all that was much harder than I thought it would be! But that was nothing compared to selecting the background music. It took hours upon hours of listening to instrumental songs until I finally found the right one.

AYAP: How did you create the trailer? Did you hire a pro? Do it yourself?
EC: Initially, I wasn’t going to do a trailer because I could never do it myself, and I thought that hiring someone to create one would be very expensive. But my dear friend, Martina Boone, hired a wonderful designer, Sarah Kershaw – The YA Book Traveler ( - to create her trailer, and I loved it, so I hired Sarah too! Sarah was a joy to work with, very affordable, and she had great suggestions. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a designer.

AYAP: What are you hoping that potential readers with come away with after viewing the trailer?
EC: I hope they’ll get a sense of the story—the atmospheric setting, the ancient secrets, the lurking menace, and the romance.

AYAP: Any advice for writers out there who might want to create their own book trailers?
EC: Create a Pinterest Board with many royalty free images that relate to your work, and then narrow those down, selecting images that reflect your setting, themes, and plot. Take your time and find the right music—it should not overpower the images, but rather set the main tone. I paid for the music I selected, but to me it was worth it. It’s Celtic and it’s suspenseful, and I think it fits the images perfectly. Show the trailer to people you trust who have read your book - friends, family, and other authors – and listen to their opinions. If you’ve watched your trailer ten times and it still gives you chills, it’s done!


Seventeen-year-old Annabeth prefers the fantasy of her books and paintings to reality—because in reality, her mom is dead, and it was all her fault. When she accompanies her father to the funeral of some family friends who drowned, she’s surprised to find her grief reflected in the face of Griffin Bradford, the son of the couple who died. Griffin is nothing like the carefree boy she once knew. Now he’s irritable, removed, and he’s under police investigation for his parents’ deaths.

One night following the memorial service, Annabeth’s dad goes missing in the woods, and she suspects Griffin knows more about the disappearance than he’s letting on. He refuses to answer her questions, particularly those related to the mysterious “expedition” his parents took to Ireland, where they went missing for seven months.

Annabeth fears her father isn’t lost, but rather a victim of something sinister. She launches her own investigation, tracing clues that whisper of myth and legend and death, until she stumbles upon a secret. One that some would die to protect, others would kill to expose—and which twists Annabeth’s fantasy and reality together in deadly new ways.

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About Erin Cashman

Erin Cashman is an award winning author of young adult fiction. Her latest book,  UNCHARTED, will be published on September 4, 2018. She is also AYAP's 1st 5 Pages Workshop coordinator, and a permanent mentor. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, three kids, and an energetic rescue dog. You can follow Erin on InstagramTwitterPinterestFacebook and Goodreads.


  1. Can't wait to read this book Erin!!

  2. Eeeee! I can’t wait! It’s going to be so good!!

  3. Such an amazing story!!! Takes you right into their world!! Love the music in the trailer!

    1. I'm so glad you liked Uncharted, Chris!!! You've made my day (week...month!) I love the music, too!

  4. YAY I love Sarah's trailers and this is no exception!

  5. Loved your trailer. Look forward to reading the book.


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