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0 Amy McNamara, author of A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY, on really loving your characters

We're delighted to have Amy McNamara join us to share more about her latest novel, A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY.

Amy, what was your inspiration for writing A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY?

Many years ago my daughter struggled with a needy, domineering and self-destructive friend. It made me think of my own attraction to a glamorous mess when I was her age. It took me far longer than it took my daughter to realise there is a vast difference between caretaking and genuine friendship and that real friendship is an ongoing balance between give and take.

What did this book teach you about writing or about yourself?

This book taught me that you have to really love your characters in order for them to breathe on the page. When I started out I had too much of myself tangled up with Evie and Emma. I was annoyed/disappointed/mad at them for acting the way they did until I realized the level of frustration I felt toward them was mixed up with disappointment I’d hung onto about myself—that it took so long for me to learn certain things about life and love and real friendship. Until I could feel compassion toward my younger self, I wasn’t able to feel compassionate toward my characters and they stayed stuck on the page. It was a good but tangled lesson to learn.

What do you hope readers will take away from A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY?

What reading is so good for: time spent in the skin or the world or the dream of another person. I hope readers who see themselves in Evie will feel challenged to look inward and ask themselves why they’re more invested in the problems of a friend than they are in their own lives. Sometimes the hardest friend to boost is the one in the mirror, and, of course, once you get your act together you have more to offer as a friend.


A Flicker in the Clarity
by Amy McNamara
Released 6/12/2018

Evie and Emma are inseparable. Two halves of a whole, they balance each other until Evie makes a flip decision that gets Emma in serious trouble.

Feeling the sting of betrayal, Emma freezes Evie out. Evie is full of regret, desperately sorry, sad, and—for the first time in her life—entirely alone.

Then Evie meets Theo, a boy who offers her a view of the world through a different lens. Just as she lets herself fall for Theo, Emma resurfaces—but not without consequence.

Emma’s erratic behavior, drunken mishaps, and panicked phone calls leave Evie afraid there’s something deeper going on. Evie wants to help Emma, but Emma is bent on self-destruction.

All Evie wanted was her friend back—but can you help someone who doesn’t want to be saved?

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Amy McNamara learned to read at three and hasn't put the book down since. She holds a BA in French literature and an MFA in poetry. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her manuscript of poetry THE NEW HEAD CHRONOMETRIST has been a finalist for many book awards but still needs a home. She is the author of LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP and A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY (summer 2018). When she’s not reading stories, telling stories, or thinking about stories or poems, she can be spotted, camera in hand, for pay and for pleasure, documenting the incredible city she calls home. She lives in NYC with her honey and their two kids.


Have you had a chance to read A FLICKER IN THE CLARITY yet? Are you able to love your characters in order for them to breathe on the page? Are you able to keep yourself from becoming too tangled up with your characters? Share your thoughts about the interview in the comments!

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