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1 Gwen C. Katz, author of AMONG THE RED STARS, on venturing outside of your chosen genre

We're delighted to have Gwen Katz here today to tell us about her novel, AMONG THE RED STARS.

Gwen, what book or books would most resonate with readers who love your book--or visa versa?

I know everyone wants to compare their book to CODE NAME VERITY, but if you liked that blend of history, adventure, and girl friendship, there's a lot here you will like. FLYGIRL by Sherri Smith and the works of Ruta Sepetys are some others that have a lot in common with AMONG THE RED STARS. For upcoming releases, there's NOTHING BUT SKY by Amy Trueblood.

How long did you work on AMONG THE RED STARS?

About six weeks to write, but I then spent the remaining eleven months of the year editing it.

What did this book teach you about writing or about yourself?

Oddly enough, this was how I learned that I liked historical fiction. Before this I really only read and wrote fantasy. I was one of those kids who assumed all historical fiction was boring and depressing after being force-fed a few bad examples in school. Now it's my favorite thing to read and write (though I still love reading fantasy). I hope AMONG THE RED STARS will help open this genre to other young people who got a bad impression of it based on required reading.

What are you working on now?

I'm writing a romance about lesbians in the US Army during World War II. The war opened new opportunities for LGBT people, but they also faced severe punishments if they were outed. This is an overlooked topic that very few books have tackled, and I hope my readers will find it as interesting as I did!


Among the Red Stars
by Gwen C. Katz
Released 10/3/2017

World War Two has shattered Valka’s homeland of Russia, and Valka is determined to help the effort. She knows her skills as a pilot rival the best of the men, so when an all-female aviation group forms, Valka is the first to sign up.

Flying has always meant freedom and exhilaration for Valka, but dropping bombs on German soldiers from a fragile canvas biplane is no joyride. The war is taking its toll on everyone, including the boy Valka grew up with, who is fighting for his life on the front lines.

As the war intensifies and those around her fall, Valka must decide how much she is willing to risk to defend the skies she once called home.

Inspired by the true story of the airwomen the Nazis called Night Witches, Gwen C. Katz weaves a tale of strength and sacrifice, learning to fight for yourself, and the perils of a world at war.

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Gwen C. Katz is a writer, artist, game designer, and retired mad scientist easily identified by her crew cut and ability to cause trouble. Originally from Seattle, she now lives in Altadena, CA with her husband and a revolving door of transient mammals. She is represented by Thao Le of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.


Have you had a chance to read AMONG THE RED STARS yet?
Is historic fiction your genre of choice?
Is there a genre you didn't like when you were young that you now enjoy reading and/or writing?

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  1. It is always interesting to read about the process of creating the book you are going to read. Thanks a lot for posting this interview.


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