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0 Lynn Carthage, author of AVENGED, on practice makes progress

AVENGED is book 3 in the The Arnaud Legacy, and we're excited to have Lynn Carthage here to chat with us.

Lynn, what advice would you most like to pass along to other writers?

Perseverance is important, both in bettering your writing and in pursuing publication. As with any other endeavour, practice makes perfect (or as elementary schoolkids now say, "practice makes progress" ;) ), and to become a writer one has to sit down and actually build the words, build the world. Anyone can have great ideas and plots, but it's the actual transformation into scenes that make a book. Try creating a daily or every-other-day practice and try to get at least 500 words down. Someone once said famously that if you write a page a day, then in a year you'll have a novel.

Perseverance is also necessary when trying to get a book published. Haunted, the first book in this series, was represented by three different agents before I managed to sell it to my editor by myself. This was a process that took years but I never gave up. I believe some authors would have given up, would have thought, "This book just isn't going to find a publisher," but I wouldn't let it go. I had faith in the book, and it paid off.

What are you working on now?

I'm writing a novel about Lizzie Borden, a woman who became famous in 1892 Massachusetts because her father and stepmother were killed with multiple hatchet wounds to the head: and she was accused. She went through a trial and was acquitted (found not guilty), but to this day people study the trial transcripts and the evidence and feel that the jury made an incorrect decision. I've been fascinated by this case for a long time and am excited that the book, titled The Murderer's Maid, will be published in October 2017. Those of you who like the dark aspects of the Arnaud Legacy series will appreciate the same aesthetic for this novel.

What do you hope readers will take away from AVENGED?

I love the aspect of the book that people can work together to find answers when they set aside pettiness and truly root for each other. I remember in high school that my friends were not true blue all the time (nor was I), and I'm proud that in my adult life my friends are genuine. True friends want each other to succeed and experience joy when their friends do well, and feel brought down when their friends don't succeed. I think the characters in the Arnaud Legacy series struggle with wholeheartedly supporting each other, and eventually find a way to feel that connection, which makes everyone ultimately more powerful.


by Lynn Carthage
Released 2/28/2017

Long ago I was a servant girl at the great manor house in the quiet English village of Grenshire. My mistress, Madame Arnaud, proved cruel, and many died at her hands. To stop her, I tried to kill her.

I failed. And I lost everything.

But that was then. Now, Phoebe Irving's family has moved into the Arnaud Manor. Phoebe, her friend Miles, and I crossed paths and discovered a powerful connection. Together we might be strong enough to untangle an ancient prophecy hanging over this troubled place where old, deep magic mingles with greed and revenge. We might save Phoebe's baby sister and other innocents. We might even save ourselves.

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Lynn Carthage is a novelist living in Sacramento, California, near where the Gold Rush launched. Under her real name, she was a Bram Stoker Award finalist. Born in Vermont, Lynn has lived in Maine, Ireland, and Arizona. She reads voraciously, loves anything French, gets “itchy feet” to travel on a regular basis, and finds peace in the woods, in meadows, in nature. She has always been fascinated by how history allows us to imagine how people of the past lived and breathed and felt. HAUNTED is the first book in the Arnaud Legacy trilogy. The second is Betrayed, and the third is Avenged.

Have you had a chance to read AVENGED yet? Are you writing at least a page a day? Do you have faith in your book? Share your thoughts about the interview in the comments!

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