Thursday, September 15, 2016

0 New Contest Announcement, Introducing Judge Marisa Corvisiero

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone!

In five weeks to the day, on October 20th, we'll open our next contest here at AYAP. It will be another round of Red Light/Green Light, and if you're not yet familiar with how our Red Light/Green Light contest works, here are the details.

As before, this contest focuses on developing the strongest possible idea or manuscript. In the lead up to the contest, you'll find helpful resources here on AYAP to assist as you polish your opening pages. Some previous posts you may find beneficial as you ready your submissions are Resources for Crafting a Strong Opening, Promising Form and Content: The How of Great Openings, and 40 Questions to Help You Nail Your Manuscript.

On entry day, contestants will submit the first pages of their manuscript along with a standard three paragraph pitch, such as you would include in a query letter. The first 50 entries will be given a spot in the contest--25 from our first entry window, which begins at noon EST/9am PST on the opening day, and 25 from our second entry window, which begins at 3pm EST/noon PST.

An agent judge will choose the top 25 entries from the contestants' first sentences. The top 25 will be narrowed down to 10 by said agent judge based on the first two sentences of their manuscript. Next, the agent will read the top 10 contestants' first pages to narrow the contestants down to 5. Lastly, in the final round, the agent will read 3 paragraph pitch from the top 5 contestants to determine the winner.

Contestants and observers alike will be able to see which manuscripts start with a great first sentence and continue to build a strong foundation, and will hopefully be able to learn something new about what makes a strong start to a manuscript!

I'm very pleased to announce that our agent judge for this round of Red Light/Green Light will be Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency. Later this month, we'll introduce you to her more fully, and in October, we'll be hosting a live chat with Marisa on Twitter, during which you can pose any of your writing or querying related questions to her. This is a fantastic opportunity for those preparing to query or actively querying, so stay tuned to find out the date and time of the chat!

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