Thursday, August 25, 2016

2 Post-Pitch Wars Critique Partner Match Up

Well, last night was the big Pitch Wars reveal! Whether you made it into the contest or not, you've got work ahead of you to get your novel ready for querying. A great critique partner will be an invaluable resource and here at Adventures in YA Publishing, we've got you covered!

Over the last week we've taken in entries from eager writers of Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fiction looking for CPs to swap pages with. A sample of their work is available here. If you see something you like and want to exchange sample chapters, just leave the author a comment on their contest entry page with a way to contact you.

Authors, please check your pages regularly! You never know when CP love may strike!

Once again, the master list of CP Match Up entries is available HERE.

Happy critiquing!


  1. First of all, thank you so much for doing this. I didn't get to Pitch Wars this year, but I've been thinking I needed some Critique Partners for a while now, so this is extremely helpful. Question - what do you think is a good number of Critique Partners to have at one time? I know you're going to say everyone is different, but what are your ideas? Thanks again.

  2. I personally like to have a smaller number of CPs who read everything I write (and I read everything they write). I have two CPs I'm really close with and trust implicitly, and when I need to make big changes or to get in depth feedback on a deadline, I go to them.

    But I also have about half a dozen regular CPs/beta readers, who will give less in depth feedback--more like general reader impressions, which is really helpful for when I've worked intensively with my other CPs on something and need a fresh perspective.

    Finding writer friends to fulfill each role is a matter of trial and error, so when you're at the beginning of your search, it's helpful to swap sample chapters with lots of people! Not everyone will be a fit for you and your writing/critiquing style, and it's perfectly okay to swap and then say thanks but no thanks, so long as you're friendly and up front about it.

    I hope that answer was helpful!

    ~Laura Weymouth
    AYAP Contest Coordinator


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