Sunday, May 15, 2016

0 Best of AYAP: Publication

Today's post is our last 'best of' post, a series that sifted through the almost 3000 posts on AYAP, and brought you some of the best advice we've posted to help you on your publishing journey. We hope you've enjoyed the series and found it useful! Don't forget that the snapshot we've showcased is only a portion of the amazing wealth of knowledge on AYAP, and more is being posted every day.

We finish our series with a collection of posts on the final step: publication itself. The posts below cover writing a synopsis, preparing for a book launch, writing in different genres, and how to keep on swimming. Click and enjoy!

On Continuing to Swim

"My road to publication had so many bumps, I wondered at times, if the fates were having a laugh at my expense. I’m still a newbie, but the best advice I can give anyone who wants to get published is be willing to learn from criticism, be willing to take the sting of rejection, and be willing to get up and keep trying when circumstances knock you down." - Gloria Craw

On Critiques and Contests

"Can you imagine entering that contest—any contest—or does the thought cause your belly to bottom out? Putting your work out there to be judged by other authors, by agents and editors, is a scary prospect." - Amy DeLuca

On Perfectionism

"He was right. If it wasn’t fun anymore, why was I doing it? That sort of became my mantra. If I wasn’t having fun creating a world and the characters to populate it, what was the point?" - Beth Fantaskey

On Never Giving Up

"I think the number one thing I’ve learned through all of this is that you never know what’s around the bend." - Natalie Whipple

On Writing a Synopsis

"I think the key for me in writing a proposal synopsis is remembering its purpose: it’s meant to be marketing material, a sales pitch to hook your audience. It’s not necessarily a roadmap for your finished manuscript, which I think is where a lot of people get hung up." - Gretchen McNeil

On Writing a Synopsis (2)

"Even paring mine down to what I thought was the bare bones, my short version was still two pages too long. Clearly, it was time to do a little research. There had to be a trick to getting the short version right." - Martina Boone

On the Ins and Outs of the Publishing Industry

"There are basically five viable options [of how to get published], and which path you choose is going to depend on knowing yourself, knowing the market, and having done the above four steps thoroughly and well." - Martina Boone

On Serialized Novels

"Today, we’re talking about how to market your serial. Serialized novels are making a big comeback! " - Clara Kensie

On Your Release Month

"Release month is almost always a hectic, stressful time for authors. Especially with all the different opportunities and strategies available to authors now, it’s easy to get bogged down, worry about what you aren’t doing, stress over what you are doing, and lose the excitement of it altogether." - Kate Brauning

On Your Book Launch

"My inner eighth-grade girl anxieties were overtaking me. I knew no one was going to show up at my party. The launch of my debut novel was the next morning, and I was a basket case." - Lisa London

What do you think? Was there any advice that particularly resonated with you? Any posts you think we've missed that should be on this list?
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