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0 Best of AYAP: The Big Picture

Whilst the nitty gritty of writing craft is undoubtedly important, having writing goals, forming a writing practice and finding inspiration are just as important to achieving those writing dreams.

The posts collected below are a mixture of ways to beat writers block, suggestions to find your best writing process (even if that means you don't have just one), advice on using critique partners, the importance of failure and more. Read, learn, and enjoy!

On Overcoming Writer's Block

"Writing terrifies me. I’ve written four books and countless essays and stories and blog posts but the idea of starting anything, and sometimes sitting down in front of my laptop and staring at a blank screen, can send me into a total panic." - Jen Larsen

On Techniques to Crushing Writers Block

"In my experience--and that's all I can really speak to!--writer's block is nothing magical. It's my subconscious telling me I've taken a wrong turn somewhere, and all I need to get myself going again is an old-fashioned dose of creative brainstorming." - Martina Boone

On Overcoming Writer's Block (2)

"The next time you find yourself procrastinating, tell yourself you’ll work on the task you’ve been avoiding for just ten minutes." - Katie Sise

On Using Lists to Beat Writer's Block

"For me, blocks always come down to two reasons: doubt in my own ability, or a wrong turn somewhere in the story that's left me stumped. Either way, I've run myself into a corner, and I need to claw my way out." - Martina Boone

On Productive Procrastination

"I have a book on deadline right now. That book happens to be really fighting me. I’ve done everything: I’ve outlined, I’ve tried freewriting, I’ve tried going back and figuring out where I went wrong. And I’m at the point where I will do literally anything so as to not think about it." - Maggie Hall

On Finding the Perfect Inspiration

"I read The Hunger Games trilogy, and I got that all-consuming feeling of excitement I feel for my all-time favorite books. I wanted more than anything to write something that was even a fraction as good. Still thinking about how the books made me feel days after finishing them, I came up with the “hook” that would save my manuscript." - Amy McNulty

On Changing Up the Writing Process

"Learn to write this book. These five words gave me permission to listen to the work at hand and follow its lead, even if that meant my approach felt inefficient or weird or inconsistent." - Caroline Starr Rose

On Writing for the Book

"I have become an outliner out of necessity. With the conclusion of both of my series, my agent and I decided to submit my next projects on proposal." - Mindee Arnett

On Finding What Works for You

"This is the inherent problem, and freedom, in working on any artistic pursuit. On the one hand there's no one right way to go about doing it. On the other . . . there's no one right way to go about doing it." - Adrienne Kress

On the Benefits of Critique Partners

"No writer should be without a critique partner or two and a few good beta readers, especially writers at the start of their careers. The ability to accept and integrate the opinion of other writers, agents, and editors is critical in polishing your manuscript and improving your craft." - Ann Miller

On Failing Big

"I'm probably not qualified to give you advice. I'm just making it up as I go along. Hell, I'm not even making it up as I go, I'm just going and making it up after the fact so that hopefully no one realizes I have no freaking clue what I'm doing." - Shaun David Hutchinson

On Reevaluating Writing Resolutions

"Do you still remember your writing resolutions from the beginning of the year? No shame if you don't. I had to look mine up last night because well, let's face it, I barely remember where I park when I go to work in the morning." - Cam

What do you think? Was there any advice that particularly resonated with you? Any posts you think we've missed that should be on this list?
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