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3 What Are We Waiting For? AYAP Book Picks

Fall is here! And that means cooler weather and longer nights that are perfect for cozying up with a new book. (Or, for our readers in the southern hemisphere ... longer days and things brightening up outside. Perhaps it's even time to start planning your summer reading list.)

But what's true for all of us? More awesome books are coming out in the next months. Today, the AYAP crew shares some of the titles we're eager for this season. 

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I'm really looking forward to The Rose Society by Marie Lu. The Young Elites left off on a cliffhanger, and I've been dying to get my hands on this next one. I can't wait to see where Adelina and her fellow elites are headed, and how certain dynamics will play out.
I'm also looking forward to Charlotte Huang's For The Record. A girl living the rockstar dream-turned-nightmare? Sign me up!

I'm excited for Winter by Marissa Meyer. I've just read Fairest, the prequel to the Lunar Chronicles and I am *so* excited to finally see the events of the series come to a head in the final book. 

Also, Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. Words cannot express how much I love this series. Everything about the Starbound trilogy is so beautiful, complex and un-put-downable. As much as I'm waiting desperately for Their Fractured Light, I'll be devastated when the trilogy is over!

And Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis, because I have heard such lovely things about this book.

There are several books I’m looking forward to, but two definitely top the list! Martina Boone’s Persuasion is a treat I’ve had a sneak peek at, but I can’t wait to hold a hard copy in my hand! I love her beautiful writing and let me just say the villain might be my favorite villain of all time. 

Nikki Kelly’s Gabriel is something I’ve been waiting for as well. I loved Lailah and can’t wait to read the sequel and am happy that despite the name, my personal favorite bad boy is around as well. 

I'm excited to read Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator by Jen Klein. I was intrigued by the title, and then when the first sentence of the description read, "Veronica Mars with a paranormal twist," I was all in. It sounds like a fun read. 

I'm also looking forward to reading The Girl with the Wrong Name by Barnabas Miller. It seems like one of those twisty mysteries that will do a number on my brain - in a good way. 

Four books top my list this season:

1) Winter by Marissa Meyer: This is the last book in the Lunar Chronicles series and I CAN'T WAIT! I loved the entire series and I've been pretty good at keeping up with it so I am just so so soooo excited to see how it all ends.

2) Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler: I am a totally die-hard Dahlia Adler fan and her newest YA is centered on friendship which is just damn exciting. I will literally read anything this lady writes.

3) Persuasion by Martina Boone: Of course, I can't forget the highly anticipated sequel to Compulsion! I loved the first book so when I say I can't wait for the second one, I really really mean it. Also, I hear the author is pretty nice ;) 

4) Gabriel by Nikki Kelly: I'm so so excited for the sequel to Lailah. This series is a bit love-triangle based which is usually not my thing but damn, it really works for this series! I can't wait to read the next book. Eeeep!

Well, Lisa Gail Green’s Soul Corrupted just recently came out and I’m dying to get to that! (I’ve been chin deep in revisions until recently, so I’m behind!) 

I’ve also blurbed some great books that will be out next month, which include Hello? by Liza Weimer—which is so lovely! There’s also Gabriel by Nikki Kelly, such swoony boys! And I did an early read of Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins, which is a beautifully tragic romance. Apart from that, Six of Crows, well, duh. It’s in my hot little hands, as are Dumplin’, Lock & Mori, Blood and Salt, and Illuminate by Tracy Clark. I’m going to stop here, because there’s so much coming down the pike that I could go on forever. But um. Also, I have a book coming out in less than a month. EEEP! Looking forward to having Persuasion out in the world!

There are so many books soon to be released that I can’t wait to read! But the ones I’m most looking forward to are these:

Persuasion by Martina Boone. I was fortunate enough to read a draft of this already, but I can’t wait to read the finished copy. It has achingly beautiful writing, characters that I feel like I know, a mystery that keeps me turning the page (even into the wee hours of the morning!) romance, action and adventure. What more could you want?!

Touching Fate by Brenda Drake. I have been dying to read this since I first read the description – a girl who can change someone’s fate? Combine it with a curse, adventure, and romance and I’m all in!

Blue Voyage by Diana Renn. I was also lucky enough to read an earlier draft of this book, and it was fantastic. This international mystery has it all – plenty of twists and turns, an exotic location, family drama, and yet it is also a coming of age story. SLJ recommends it to fans of Agatha Christie – need I say more?

Trust Me, I'm Trouble by Mary Elizabeth Summers. I loved every page of Trust Me, I'm Lying – so I can’t wait for this sequel! It promises more secrets, lies, mysteries, and mayhem. 

Well, I'm going to add another shout-out for Marie Lu's The Rose Society. I absolutely loved The Young Elites and reading a villain's story for a change. Lu does such a great job showing Adeline's descent into darkness in a way that feels genuine and even relatable. I really liked how all the characters in that book had a dark side to them. (Is this a pattern for me? Perhaps.) Anyway, I'm excited to read on in this series. 

Ditto as well to Their Fractured Light. I LOVE the Starbound Trilogy. This was the one that got me interested in YA science fiction. I gobbled up These Broken Stars, loved This Shattered World even more (if that's possible), and I'm thrilled to find out how the series ends. 

I'm also excited for Soundless by Rachel Mead. Fantasy based on Chinese folklore? Sign me up. 

What books are you excited for? Are there any we should add to our TBR list? (Seriously, let us know in the comments below.) 


  1. SO many. Mine. :) Kathryn Purdie' s BURNING GLASS. Roshani Chokshi THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN. Jessica Clue as A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING. Evelyn Skye's THE CROWN'S GAME.

    1. Congrats on THE BLOOD ROSE REBELLION, Rosalyn! I look forward to it. :) I'm also eager to get my hands on BURNING GLASS, especially after hearing some amazing early reviews on this. Is it March 1st yet?


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