Thursday, October 22, 2015

1 Four Agents on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of NaNoWriMo

Let's get into the meat of the issue today! I've asked our amazing agents about both the good and bad parts of NaNo as they see them...
 Q: Everyone says NaNo is great for getting *writing,* but writing fast isn't for everyone, so do you believe participating can be detrimental at all to a writer's skills?


No. I think if you want to go for it, fantastic; but I think a practice of setting and writing to deadline and just getting something finished, even if it’s a hot mess, can only help more than hinder.

Sara Megibow of KT Literary
That’s a great question and I don’t have the answer. Since I am, myself, not a writer I don’t know what exercises are beneficial or detrimental to crafting books. I can’t imagine that NaNo would hurt a writer’s skills but if that writer responds really poorly to the “write quickly” mantra, then I think it’s also ok to drop it like a hot potato and move on to some other exercise.
Good question! I like NaNo because it forces writers to look at the big picture -- pushing out the STORY, even if it's just the barebones -- as opposed to focusing on the small details like style, voice, etc. So as long as they treat it like a "step" in the writing process, as opposed to The End All, NaNo is a great exercise to mix it up.

. Q: What is the most positive argument you've heard for NaNoWriMo?

Natalie Lakosil of Bradford Literary

The powerful community of support – and peer pressure – to really get a novel FINISHED!
I’m always impressed that NaNo is designed specifically to support writers as they write. I love that! Writing is an art and publishing is a business. Conferences are a great tool for supporting writers in the business of publishing. And, NaNo is a great tool for supporting writers in the art of writing.
Marissa Meyer did it! And other successful authors, too. That's all I need to know to believe in NaNo: for some writers, it really works.

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  1. It's both support and motivation. I'm a lazy writer and I need deadlines to motivate me to finish. I never intended to write more than one book, and NaNo really motivated me to write the second in my series.


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