Wednesday, August 5, 2015

11 #GreenLight WIP Writing Contest, Round 2 Voting Is Open: Vote Now for Your Favorite Opening Lines!

It's time for Round Two of the Red Light, Green Light Writing contest! In a combination of public voting and voting by our agent and author judges, we've narrowed the entries to the top fifty eye-catching first sentences. The entries are now up to two sentences for your reading enjoyment.

Please help us out by voting! Your votes count for forty percent of the total score, and you'll get a chance to see how your votes compared to the industry professionals. Want to see the results?

Click here to see the results so far from the public vote!

Click here to see the results so far from our industry professionals!

Vote for as many entries or as few as you like. The top twenty-five will be moving on to the next round. Voting will close at 11:59pm Eastern Time on Monday August 10th.

Click Read More on the right below to see the entries and cast your vote!

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Industry Judges

Agent Judges include: 

     Moe Ferrar, Bookends, LLC
     Susan Hawk, The Bent Agency
     Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis
     Amaryah Orenstein, GO Literary
     Sarah Negovetich, Corvisiero Agency
     Ammi-Joan Paquette, Erin Murphy Literary Agency
     Saba Sulaiman, Talcott Notch
     Uwe Stender, Triada US Literary Agency

Author Judges include: 

     Dhalia Adler
     Holly Bodger    
     Martina Boone
     Erin Cashman
     Lisa Gail Green
     Joy N. Hensley
     Sheri Larsen
     Kim Liggett
     Kimberly Griffiths Little
     Sarah Ockler
     Sara Raasch
     Susan Sipal
     Ron Smith
     Liza Wiemer
     Kat Zhang

Check out this link for all the bios!


The top ten entries (excluding the top three) will each receive a one chapter (up to 12 pages) critique from a published or soon to be published author.

The 3 grand prize winners will each receive a one chapter (up to 12 pages) critique and/or partial request by at least one participating agent. The grand prize winner will also receive a partial request from the amazing Ammi-Joan Paquette, who is currently open only to submissions via referrals.

Be sure to cast your vote by 11:59pm Eastern Time on Monday August 10th, and please spread the word using the hashtag #GreenLightWIP. The more the merrier!

Technical Note

Some people using Internet Explorer have been having issues with the voting form above. If this is you: don't worry! You can still vote HERE.

Last week, we accidentally posted the voting form above - a full week earlier than intended. All votes made during that time the form was live are 100% valid, and included in the results above.


  1. How can you tell if you voted? I believe last time it informed me after I hit "done." If I didn't receive this message should I vote again? Also I'm having trouble with the links to view the previous votes. Thanks!

    1. Go ahead and vote again. It must not have taken your vote, Ann!

  2. First entry is 3 sentences.

    1. The entries are randomised for each new voter - would you be able to let me know specifically which sentence you meant?

    2. I think they mean the "We should slit her throat..." entry. It has 3 sentences.

  3. The "The letter smelled of starry summer nights. Fireworks and a first kiss." sentence is missing from the Industry vote?

    1. Unfortunately the entrant decided to leave the contest. The lines have been removed from both forms.

    2. Technically, that entry did not meet the contest guidelines, so after multiple comments from judges and other competitors, we decided to discuss this with the participant. After much deliberation, she felt that for stylistic reasons this wouldn't work as well as a single sentence. Calls like this are really hard--so we apologize for the confusion!

  4. Thanks for hosting this contest! Love the breakdown of votes!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, Shari! It's so much fun watching the judging!


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