Wednesday, July 22, 2015

0 RL/GL Contest Entries Still Open!

UPDATE: Entries for the Red Light/Green Light are STILL OPEN! We'll be posting the voting form later today, but until then keep sending your entries as per the rules below.

Contest closes at 9am Eastern Time

Do you have a completed but unpublished MG, YA, or NA manuscript and are looking for an agent? Then do we have the contest for you!


1. Email your entry (follow the format below) to with the subject line RLGL - Your Manuscript Title.

2. Each entry should include your name, email, manuscript title, manuscript length, Manuscript genre/subgenre, and first sentence.

Good form, horrible example,

IDA Luv Anoffer
78,000 words
YA Magical Realism

When I saw the hot vampire I knew immediately that I was in the best book ever written.

3. Any currently unagented person may enter only once with a completed but unpublished MG, YA, or NA manuscript.

Judges: Check out this link for all the bios!

Author Judges include: Martina Boone, Sheri Larsen, Dhalia Adler, Kimberly Little, Erin Cashman, Ron Smith, Holly Bodger, Liza Wiemer, Joy Hensley, Sarah Ockler, Kim Liggett, Sara Raasch, and Lisa Gail Green.

Agent Judges include: Ammi-Joan Paquette, Sarah Negovetich, Moe Ferrar, and Saba Sulaiman, Susan Hawk, Christa Heschke, Amaryah Orenstein and Dr. Uwe Stender of Triada US.


The top ten entries (excluding the top three) will each receive a one chapter (up to 12 pages) critique from a published or soon to be published author.

The 3 grand prize winners will each receive a one chapter (up to 12 pages) critique and/or partial request by at least one participating agent. The grand prize winner will also receive a partial request from the amazing Ammi-Joan Paquette, who is currently open only to submissions via referrals.

The Contest

Today, July 21 at 9AM Eastern we will open submissions. We will take the first 50 entries that follow the rules! We will reopen at 9PM Eastern for the final 50 (and take the remainder in order from the morning if we do not fill up).

July 22: We will post 100 first sentences on the main blog! YOU will vote using an imbedded survey and our judges (some combination of agents and published authors for each round) will vote using a private survey, private votes will be worth 65% of the score and public will be worth 35%. The top 50 will be asked to resubmit with a second sentence added on!

July 30: We announce the top 50 and ask for the second sentences.

August 5: We will publish the top 50 entries and vote again!

August 13: We announce the top 25.

August 19: We publish the top 25 entries and vote again!

August 27th: We announce the top 10 entries!

September 2: The first 100 words and a maximum 30 word elevator pitch of the top ten entries will be posted! All TEN entries will receive a critique from a published/soon to be published author or agent.

September 8: The three winning entries will be announced.

Don't forget to follow along with the Twitter handle #GreenLightWIP

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