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0 Amanda Panitch, author of DAMAGE DONE, on when to let things go

We're delighted Amanda Panitch, whose debut novel is DAMAGE DONE, could join us to chat about writing.

Amanda, what's your writing ritual like? Do you listen to music? Work at home or at a coffee shop or the library, etc?

I can write pretty much anywhere at any time: I regularly write in all sorts of different places, from my apartment to other people's houses to trains to Riverside Park. I thank my upbringing as one of five kids in a relatively small house, where there was always noise and you had to learn how to focus no matter what was going on around you! I do have trouble, however, writing on anything besides my trusty laptop - I get used to the feeling of the keys and having all of my documents and notes there with me. It took me ages to adjust when I had to replace my laptop a few years ago and I'm dreading having to eventually do it again.

What advice would you most like to pass along to other writers?

It's okay to admit that something isn't working and move on. I see a lot of writers spending years and years revising their first book and pitching it over and over - I'm guilty of this myself with my first book, a Harry Potter clone that wasn't going to be commercially viable no matter how much I edited it. I'm not saying you shouldn't be persistent or that you should give up on things easily, but sometimes you need to let things go so that you can take the lessons you learned working on that first book and use them to craft something far stronger in the next.

What did this book teach you about writing or about yourself?

How to multitask! I've always been the type of writer who would stick with one project at a time, writing it then editing it until it was "done" before turning my attention to something new. Now, because of publishing and editing schedules, I can't do that anymore - I might be doing final edits on one project while doing structural edits on another project while drafting yet a third. I've had to learn how to shift gears quickly between books and characters' heads.

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Damage Done by Amanda Panitch
Random House Books for Young Readers
Released 7/21/2015

22 minutes separate Julia Vann’s before and after.

Before: Julia had a twin brother, a boyfriend, and a best friend.

After: She has a new identity, a new hometown, and memories of those twenty-two minutes that refuse to come into focus. At least, that’s what she tells the police.

Now that she’s Lucy Black, she's able to begin again. She's even getting used to the empty bedroom where her brother should be. And her fresh start has attracted the attention of one of the hottest guys in school, a boy who will do anything to protect her. But when someone much more dangerous also takes notice, Lucy's forced to confront the dark secrets she thought were safely left behind.

One thing is clear: The damage done can never be erased. It’s only just beginning. . . .

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7577269Amanda Panitch grew up next to an amusement park in New Jersey and went to college next to the White House in Washington, DC. Amanda now resides in New York City where she works in book publishing by day, writes by night, and lives under constant threat of being crushed beneath giant stacks of books. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaPanitch, and visit her online at

Have you had a chance to read DAMAGE DONE yet? Are you able to write anywhere like Amanda or do you have specific requirements? How are you at multitasking?

Happy reading,

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