Thursday, June 25, 2015

0 Agent Danielle Zigner from LBA Books On Wanting To Get To Know & Working With Authors

After reading Philosophy and Theology at Oxford University Danielle spent a year working with a number of publishers and agencies. In 2014 she joined the team at LBA as a Junior Agent, and has since been actively building her list.

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So Danielle, What’s on your wish list?

I’m actively seeking contemporary YA in the vein of Non Pratt’s Trouble or Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. Anything quirky like that would be great. I’d also like some really gripping psychological thrillers, well-written romances, and feminist non-fiction. Take a look at the LBA Books website for the full breakdown of what I’d like to find.

What are some of the worst things you've seen in a query?

Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and lack of originality are all instant red flags. Also covering letters which only talk about the novel are quite unhelpful – I want to know about the author.

Which is more crucial: emotional connection or current marketability?

I’m sorry to say it’s probably the latter. I’ve had to pass on a few books I’ve absolutely loved because I wouldn’t be able to sell them, and that’s a real shame. But sometimes in those cases I will try to work with the author on a new, more marketable project.

Are you an editorial agent?

I’ve never actually heard it put this way before, but yes, absolutely. The first thing I do when I’m interested in a book is call up the author to discuss my editorial ideas. It’s hugely important that we’re on the same page regarding where to take the story. The amount of editorial work I do on each manuscript varies greatly from project to project, but it’s often a lot, so that the book is in the best possible shape before I send it out to editors.

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