Saturday, August 2, 2014

2 Author Interview with Lisa Schroeder!

Lisa Schroeder, The Bridge From Me To You

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

The spark of the story actually came from twitter. Isn't that awesome? So the next time you tell yourself twitter is a waste of time, think of me. It's totally not. (Well, unless you spend all your time tweeting and not enough time writing). Rachel Hawkins had read a book about small town life and she started tweeting these awesome descriptions that immediately sent me back to my high school days, growing up in a small town. Things like: Field parties and big skies and boredom. Aimless driving and doing foolish things out in the county side. I got out a notebook and started jotting down these snippets of small town life and added some more myself. Those thoughts led me to think of one of my most favorite TV shows, Friday Night Lights. In tight-knit communities, they often get behind their high school football team in a big way, and so, I decided one of my characters would be a football player. I hope teens who live in small towns see themselves a little bit in this book. And I hope people who don't know what small town life is like get a taste of it. When you're living it, the field parties and big skies and aimless driving don't seem like much. But now, I think of that time in my life, and I feel lucky to have experienced all of that.


Lisa Schroeder is the author of many books for young adults and middle grade readers. The Bridge From Me To You hit shelves on July 29th! Visit her website here | Amazon | IndieBound | Goodreads


  1. Small towns have a way of staying in your blood.

  2. Small town summers can't be beat. I will be looking for this book. I love books set in small towns.


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