Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 Interview with Literary Agent Tina Schwartz of the Purcell Agency

Hi! Lisa here with another awesome agent you'll want to get to know. Please welcome Tina Schwartz of the Purcell Agency!

Agent Tina P. Schwartz admits to being a reluctant reader as a child. In fact, she says she is still very picky when it comes to choosing a book.

Ask her kids, and they won't believe you! They'll tell you her nose is constantly in a book, or staring at her precious Kindle Fire! When not reading manuscripts, marketing website, social media, or industry blogs, you can find Schwartz on her laptop enjoying her own writing time.

Schwartz is an active member of the Society of Chidlren's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), and is the Co-Rep for her local chapter.

Tina says, "I'm thrilled to have founded The Purcell Agency, LLC and look forward to reading many wonderful submissions from talent all over the country!"

Literary Agent Tina Schwartz

1. So according to your bio, you're picky. What is it about a manuscript that excites you?

I was always a reluctant reader as a child, and even though I read nearly all day, every day, I still consider myself a reluctant reader. If I don't like a story, I don't give it 50 pages to "get into it" like some people. But if I do like something, I'll read it in one sitting, even if it's over 300 pages! So the thing that excites me about a manuscript is if I get lost in it immediately, and literally cannot put it down until I've read the entire thing! I've stayed up until 3am, many times, being caught in a great manuscript. It doesn't feel like I'm reading, but that I'm participating in the moment.

2. Character, world, or plot?

Ideally, all three are outstanding in a single manuscript, of course! However, if I HAD to pick what I'm drawn to most, I'd say character. Once a character becomes beloved to the reader, they can go through many worlds or plots -- people just want to be with that character wherever they go and whenever they go somewhere. I feel the same way.

15. Why did you become an agent? 

After selling several of my own manuscripts, and helping others do the same, I felt I had a certain knack for doing the job. I really like to do the things an agent does, and things that authors don't necessarily like to do, such as pour over market guides, make Excel spread sheets of who's looking for what, how many queries received, how many books produced in a year, basic statistics. I find it a thrilling puzzle to solve. Plus, I love to interact with people such as editors, publishers, agents, and book lovers in general. My two favorite parts of being an agent are 1. Making that initial call to an author to offer representation, and 2. Calling one of my authors to tell them we've gotten an offer on their manuscript. Both of those things are quite thrilling! I love my job, and feel a close connection with my authors. I want to do great things for them, and watch them grow.


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