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9 Question of the Week: Buy or Borrow?

Hey everyone! Clara Kensie here. A few times a month at Adventures in YA Publishing, I post a question for you and the Adventures in YA team to answer. The questions cover all topics important to writers and book lovers: craft, career, reading, books, and more. Join the discussion!

Question of the Week:

Which do you do more often: borrow books from your library or purchase books from the bookstore?

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Clara Kensie: When I hear about a book I want to read, the first thing I do is look for it on my library’s website to see if they have it already or if it’s on order. In fact, I keep my To Be Read list on my library’s website, where I can tell at a glance if the books I want are currently available for immediate download, if they’re on order, or if they’re available for checkout. My library has an phenomenal digital collection of YA, and I always try to get my books as a digital loan first. If it’s not available in digital, I’ll borrow it in print.

While I always prefer to borrow from my library, I purchase lots of books too. I automatically buy books written by my author friends, either in digital or print. If a book I want is digital only and my library doesn’t have it, I’ll buy it. I also cannot resist Kindle Daily Deals and Nook deals or used books stores. I buy dozens of print books at my library’s used book sales.

Jan Lewis: I read ebooks exclusively, so I purchase them from Barnes & Noble. I got used to reading on a Nook before I got my iPad, and I still prefer their reading app.

Lisa Gail Green: I buy far more books than I borrow, but sometimes I can’t afford to support my bad habit and I do go to the library. I’ve always loved libraries and definitely fed my teenage book habit using the library, however. My own mother is a retired librarian. But I try to support authors by purchasing when I can. Plus I love to own my books and use my Kindle.

Martina Boone: I love libraries. I practically lived in them through my teenage years. Until recently, I
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bought a lot of books but I also borrowed a lot. Lately, I read a ton of ARCs, and I read a lot of digital books. I know the library carriers lots of digital books, but so far, I have not figured out the mechanism for reading on them. I should though, because when I love a book I’ve read digitally, I usually end up buying a paper copy as well. That might be my solution for avoiding buying multiple copies of books. On the other hand, I have to admit that one of the reasons I LOVE reading digitally is that all my favorites are there with me instantly. My iPad has become my security blanket, except that instead of being fuzzy and soft, it’s filled with places that offer comfort and adventure. I’m hooked.

Katharyn Sinelli: I usually buy more than I borrow, especially via Kindle since it doesn't feel like I'm spending real money. Our local library has stepped up it's digital list of YA titles, so I'll also get my fix there. I do like to own copies of my friends' books and titles I'm likely to reference in my writing process. Sometimes I want to know things like how Lani Taylor differentiated Karou's description of Prague from Akita's. Yep, literary nerd through and through.

Alyssa Hamilton: Well I work in a bookstore and it is seriously just temptation after temptation for me everyday. And I usually give in very easily. Having a discount has saved me so much money I can't even believe it. We also get to borrow books from the store, so it's my own personal library :) I haven't taken a book out of a library though in a really long time. I have this extremely bad habit of needing to own my books. One day I'll get back into it!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you borrow most of your books from the library, or do you buy most of your books from the bookstore?


  1. Unlike most of the people in this post, I don't own a kindle. I'm really not an "e-book" person. I like tangible paper-form, no-batteries-required books. I can see a couple of positive reasons for some people to own one them (not me), but it was only recently that an author friend gave me a reason to someday have one as writer's tool. She uses it find into in her own books that she'd forgotten and also uses it in ways (I'm not familiar with) to study other people's writing.

    OK, that aside---I own a LOT of books! WAY more than I will probably ever be able to read and STILL want to buy more! lol BUT---I order way more through the library. I'm SO grateful for my local library and our county sharing system. It's invaluable!!! :)

  2. I buy more than I borrow. But I do like to check out my library's website to see if any of the books on my TBR are available. On several occasions, I've borrowed a book from the library, loved it then bought it so I could have it to read again at my leisure.

  3. I borrow ALL the time. I am a library hound. I never buy a book I haven't read at the library and loved, though I win some through giveaways and stuff. But yes, I borrow so so much, and then if I really love the book, I'll buy it.

  4. I have always bought books, lots and lots of books, but lately I have been using the library much more. I borrow a lot of books and those I really love, I will then buy. That has saved me a lot of money.

  5. I work in a library and have library cards for all of the libraries in the surrounding area so I mostly borrow. Usually the only books I buy are ones that I am giving as gifts or ones that I'm getting signed.

  6. I buy more than borrow but am still at my local library really often!

  7. I used to use the library almost exclusively - growing up and as an adult - but the last few years I buy way more. Mostly friend's books and other YA books that I want autographed or that I don't want to wait for the local library to get purchased and on the shelves. But it's making me go broke! :-)

  8. I buy them because I don't like waiting. And because the library is farther away than the bookstore. And because I don't like reading ebooks.

    But mostly I buy them because I like to keep them. I try to buy new as often as I can afford to, but I also search used book stores and yard sales for good book deals!

  9. I'm a buyer through and through. Kindle purchases have nearly usurped print, but I still LOVE buying the print copies of books by my wildly talented author friends. I am a shopaholic of books for my classroom.


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