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2 Adventures in PubSmart (part six) by Kate Tilton

Today is the last article in the PubSmart series! It has been a long journey. I am so pleased I have been able to share all these tips and insights with you from some of the greatest minds in publishing today. Below you’ll find a few short notes on a popular topic, but don’t let the length scare you these insights have massive effects if used correctly.

If you are new to this PubSmart series please take a minute to check out the first parts of the series; IBPA’s Mini Publishing University, Social Savvy & Media Mastery, What Does It Mean to Publish? by Jane Friedman and Insights from Bestselling Author Hugh Howey and Authorpreneurship: From Cost-Planning to Funding to Reinvestment. Each session has valuable insight for authors of all stages in the publishing journey.


Cultivating Influencers: Reviewers and Book Clubs
Speakers: Eric Liebetrau (Kirkus), Kiffer Brown (Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media), Lynn Bettencourt (Book Club), Shari Stauch (Where Writers Win), Tarah Theoret (NetGalley)

  • There are many professional outlets available to authors such as NetGalley, Kirkus, Winner Circle (from Where Writers Win), and Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media.
  • Authors can also look for reader reviews on sites such as Goodreads and BooksILove (a new app for Apple).
  • You can find live book clubs on sites like
  • You can find virtual book clubs on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.
  • Skype is a powerful tool authors can use to attend book clubs that are reading their books that may be a bit too far to travel to in person.
  • Authors should put in their press release that they are willing to attend book clubs.

I hope you have enjoyed this inside look into the first PubSmart conference. You can find out more about the conference on Videos of the sessions are available for purchase for those who are interested. If there is one thing I have taken away from this conference, it is the word “research”. As professionals we must do our research before we do anything else, whether it is writing, marketing, or publishing. We are blessed to be part of an industry full of people who are giving and willing to help each other on this shared journey. If you have any questions about this article, publishing, or social media please leave a comment below or connect with me on my website, I look forward to going on this adventure with you!

About the Speakers:

Eric Liebetrau is the managing editor and nonfiction editor of Kirkus Reviews, the premier destination for pre-publication book reviews.

Kiffer Brown is the founder of Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media, today’s best books with editorial reviews and international writing competitions.

Lynn Bettencourt participates in multiple book clubs, including a club she runs located in Savannah that includes more than 300 members.

Shari Stauch is the creator of Where Writers Win, the team’s newest collaboration is The Winner Circle, vetted book review directories, book clubs and other cultivated resources for emerging authors.

Tarah Theoret is the Reader Concierge at NetGalley, a service to promote publishers’ (of all sizes) titles to professional readers of influence.

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About Kate Tilton:

Kate Tilton has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Kate believes books saved her life and strives to repay authors for bringing books into the world by serving as a dependable author assistant. A cat-lover and fan of many geeky things, Kate can likely be found curled up with the latest Doctor Who episode, plotting world takeover, or assisting authors and readers in any way she can. Kate is also a self-proclaimed Twitter addict. You will find her hosting #K8chat, her own creation, every Thursday night on Twitter from 9-10pm Eastern.

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  1. Hi Kate! Thanks again for all the great posts! We've published our conference report and survey results, and announced 2015 dates! Write on... Shari

    1. It has been my pleasure Shari! :) I can't wait for PubSmart 2015!


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