Thursday, April 17, 2014

13 Rock the Drop and What Do You Want to See Us Do Next?

Have you Rocked the Drop? I'm heading out in a bit to do just that with a box of books I'm buying and passing on. Find out more and go spread the reading love in honor of Support Teen Literature Day!

In addition, one of the ways that we can support Teen Lit day is to recommend some books. Well, here's my recommendation. : )

And the best part? You can win them. Enter here by May 15th.

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Time to take stock guys! Here's your chance to say what features you like and what features you'd like to see us do more or less often. Unless we're absolutely perfect, would you let us know where you'd like to see us go? We are always trying to keep the site exciting and fresh for you guys, full of the most up to date information and best advice we can wrangle but we need your input!

We tried to put in a poll, but it didn't seem to be working, and unfortunately we're all crazed this week with deadlines and work and school--who isn't crazed these days?!!

Still, no matter how busy you are, we hope you'll take the time to put a note in the comments and let us know what you'd like more of or less of.

  • Do you love our giveaways? 
  • Agent contests? 
  • Writing craft posts? 
  • Author features like the Wish I'd Written? 
  • Our Inspired Openings posts written by authors?
  • Do you want more author interviews?
What can we do to help you better? And what can we do to make the content we're providing more engaging? 

And when you put in your answers, would you do us a favor and let us know whether you're mainly here as a reader, a writer, or both?

Thanks for all the support, you guys! Whether you're a new member of the AYAP community or someone who's been here through the whole journey, you're the reason we're here. Thank you so, so much!

Love and thanks from the AYAP Team!


  1. Um, I tried doing the poll and nothing happened? Is it working for anyone else? Just me? Anyway, I would like more agent interviews or blog posts written by agents, and also features for readers! Thanks!

  2. Didn't work for me either. . .

  3. I'm primarily here as a writer (but what writer isn't a diehard reader too?); I love the giveaways. Author interviews are fun too!

  4. Agent contests and writing craft posts. I'm here as a writer.

  5. I love the giveaways, the writing craft posts, and the author interviews. Thanks for the reminder to pass along books. I'll do that.

  6. WOW, look at all those yummy books. I'm here as a writer, but of course being here as a reader is a close second. I think the agent contests are awesome for those who don't have an agent, for invaluable feedback and/or potential signing-on. The giveaways are great, ditto the craft posts.

    Wish I'd Written is interesting as far as WHY a book is chosen (details of plot, character, voice, etc), but it may be just more of a personal preference kind of article. If I haven't read the book, it doesn't mean as much to me (unless it spurs me to get the book and read it). Author interviews are good except a lot of them are SO long. We all have limited time, and some of the craft posts are likewise way too long for the snippets of time I have. Inspired Openings...kinda like the Wish I'd Written. Interesting but perhaps subjective, and a lot of times I see the same openings mentioned, and I probably could get the same info from browsing in a bookstore. Altho not as handy, admittedly! :)

  7. I'm a big fan of giveaways and craft posts are good! I'm both a writer and a reader, and I really couldn't tell you which one is more important.

  8. I'm here as a writer, and mostly stop in for the WOW Wednesday posts and other craft-related articles. While I generally don't participate in agent contests, I do like to read through to get an idea of new agents, especially. Thanks for asking!

  9. I like the giveaways, the agent contests, the author interviews, pretty much everything you do!! I also really like writers talking to us about their process.

  10. Don't make me pick. I like everything. I've done Rock the Drop several times. Great idea.

  11. This is a crazy suggestion--but since you asked for them, here it is. I think your posts are informative, but sometimes run long. I try to keep up with several blogs and its hard to do when they're really long posts. So--spread the love, divide the content in two perhaps? Shorter paragraphs--more white space? I don't know, just a suggestion. WHen there are so many books listed in a giveaway I find it overwhelming. I'd love to see more historical and realistic fiction represented in your giveaways. You know I'm a fan, just making a suggestion since you asked for it! I agree with Trackenworth's comments above too!

  12. I always love looking over the new release books. (You guys are one of my go-to sites to find out what's coming out.) I love all the different posts that involve authors and asks them different questions. And, of course, I must shamelessly admit to LOVING the giveaways… ^^ I'm not sure what to suggest to change… Thank you for an all around awesome blog.

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