Saturday, January 11, 2014

6 MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN Giveaway, Plus YA Pick and Mix 1/11/14 Edition

Hey, everyone. How are you? Hope you had a fabulous week! (Or two, actually, since I missed last Saturday's post.)

I'm still working through the copyedits on BEHOLDEN, which I have to send back to my editor at Simon Pulse on Monday. In case you want to know what reviewing copyedits looks like, here's a pic:

The manuscript is there bottom center in all it's glory, including the page I'm working on, the stack of completed pages on the left with tabs for issues I need to revisit again later, and the stack of pages still to go through on the right. 

Also critical to the copyedit review process are the supplies around my workspace.
  • Top center: Stacks of reference books, hand-drawn maps, and the manuscript style sheet.
  • Mid left: Supply of pencils and reading glasses, both of which dwindle during the day when I walk off and forget them somewhere. Also a tennis ball for Auggie, because he needs something fun every once in a while. And finally, a jar of vitamins, because I'm eating delicious crap instead of actual food.
  • Top right: Above-referenced delicious crap.

  • Close up of above-referenced delicious crap. Quality Street. Baci chocolates. Mozart Kugeln. (Don't judge. They were all Christmas presents. Also, my favorites.) Also tea. With milk. And NO that is not weird!

  • Floor right: Auggie. And his frog.

  • Credenza (behind): My collection of orchids and Zoe, ready to pounce on my shoulder because my lap is inaccessible.

  • The backyard (where I haven't set foot in a while): Deer. And um, outdoor stuff, including fresh air. (I think. It's one of the things like sleep that is but a distant memory.)

Thought For the Week

And make the most of it! Because even when there isn't much sleep involved, getting the chance to live your dreams is FABULOUS!


YA Lit Giveaway This Week

Don't forget to check the sidebars here on the blog to make sure you've caught up with all the book giveaways we've got cooking. I posted a Win ANY YA Novel giveaway yesterday and there's a slew of great James Dashner books in yesterday's posts as well. And in case you think you missed anything, you can always click here to get ALL the giveaway posts in one swoop.

I've got to catch up with all the giveaways once I'm done with copyedits, so in the meantime, I'm going to repost the first of the special giveaways I'm going to do to mark BEHOLDEN's debut year. I'll be giving away either a signed book, or a signed series, every month until BEHOLDEN releases in the fall.

Kicking it all off, I've got a signed MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR WAYWARD CHILDREN for you, with the special YALLFEST sticker. If you don't know the story about that sticker, head over to my Tumblr. The story is as fabulous as Ransom.

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to win.

Books, Books, Books


Lots going on this week in the book world. It's heartbreaking to hear that more Barnes and Noble stores are closing. But man, was it a great week for readers in terms of the books that came out. Did you see the list of book birthdays? WOW. The shelves that hold my TBR piles are groaning, but I'm doing a happy dance.

It's also gearing up to be a fabulous year for YA movies. Here's some books you may need to catch up on though, before you head out to the theatre to watch the films.

I've also got my hands on some fabulous ARCs, which I will be digging into as soon as I've got copyedits out of the way. Here are some I'm super excited about:

  • Veronica Rossi's INTO THE STILL BLUE
  • Katherine Catmull's CABINET OF CURIOSITIES
  • Lauren Oliver's PANIC. Want to hear her read the first chapter? :)


Stumped on your next read? The Pickerington Library created a chart of some great 2014 series launching between now and April. I'm thrilled to see my sister Lanie Bross' FATES on that list. WOO HOO!

Via Pickerington Library

And speaking of my sisters. Did you see that MUNDIE MOMS picked Tracy Clark's SCINTILLATE as one of their top picks of all the upcoming books?

And that Bree Despain's THE SHADOW PRINCE has a new cover?

Writing Tip of the Week


Writing Help

In addition to the great guest posts we've had here on the blog this week, here's some things you might want to check out:
Jami Gold's Worksheets for Writers
The Eight Habits of Highly Successful Fiction Writers



And finally, a little something to help us all get through the weekend and next week.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone. Happy reading and writing!


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  1. Loved seeing your work space, your sweet dog and cat, and your backyard. Hope you get to enjoy it soon. I have a ton of toys around my workspace too. My sweet puppy nudges me when she wants to play until I cooperate with her plan.

    Love the live your dream thought. Good luck with the edits.

  2. Aww, Auggie is so cute!!! :) My dog likes to bark at invisible people out side, beg for cookies instead of eating her kibble, and try her best to kill the mailman through the window. This is all while I'm trying to write. She has impeccable timing.

  3. Thanks for the inside look at your copyedit process/provisions! (love your backyard view :))

  4. Loved the glimpse into your copyediting life right now! I'm sure you will do MARVELOUSLY, and will get re-acquainted with sleep and outside fresh air soon. Good luck!! How exciting. LOL on that last quote about the bones. :) So true!!

  5. How you have time to do all that you do is beyond me. Good for you!

  6. Wow. This post is just stuffed full of fun! Keep up the hard work! ^^


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