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47 Martina's YA Pick & Mix 1/25/14 edition w/ HER DARK CURIOSITY and MADMAN'S DAUGHTER giveaways

What an exciting week, and unfortunately, I can't share much of it with you yet! That's so frustrating, because I want to blab. So. Bad. Instead, I'm going to just jump straight into the post.

Special Notes

Don't forget we'll be starting a new First Five Pages Workshop next Saturday, and we have a whole wonderful new cast of permanent mentors who will be taking one participant each through an original 1250-word entry and two revisions. Our guest mentor will be Todd Strasser, who has written more than 140 novels for teens and kids, with adaptations for film and television and countless translations. His wonderful novel BOOT CAMP just made one of Barnes and Nobles all stars lists. He will be commenting on all five entries plus all revisions.

Since I am part of OneFourKidlit, I will be posting a round-up of all the upcoming novels by my fellow members on the last Sunday of every month. Since I'm ALWAYS late to the party, I'm going to run January and February together tomorrow. With another fabulous round of giveaways. :)

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YA Lit Giveaways This Week

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Her Dark Curiosity
by Megan Shepherd
Balzer + Bray
Released 1/28/2014

To defeat the darkness, she must first embrace it.

Months have passed since Juliet Moreau returned to civilization after escaping her father's island—and the secrets she left behind. Now, back in London once more, she is rebuilding the life she once knew and trying to forget Dr. Moreau’s horrific legacy—though someone, or something, hasn’t forgotten her.

As people close to Juliet fall victim one by one to a murderer who leaves a macabre calling card of three clawlike slashes, Juliet fears one of her father’s creations may have also escaped the island. She is determined to find the killer before Scotland Yard does, though it means awakening sides of herself she had thought long banished, and facing loves from her past she never expected to see again.

As Juliet strives to stop a killer while searching for a serum to cure her own worsening illness, she finds herself once more in the midst of a world of scandal and danger. Her heart torn in two, past bubbling to the surface, life threatened by an obsessive killer—Juliet will be lucky to escape alive.

With inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this is a tantalizing mystery about the hidden natures of those we love and how far we’ll go to save them from themselves.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about Her Dark Curiosity?

The thing I most adore about HER DARK CURIOSITY is a terrible spoiler that will give everything away, so I’m afraid it’s secret. Sorry. BUT! The second thing most I adore about the book is the atmosphere. The book takes place in Victorian England around Christmas time, and it’s a harsh winter when flower girls are freezing to death in the streets, and all the while the upper class just keeps having its fancy balls and holiday parties like nothing’s happening. But then a mass murderer starts stalking the city, and he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his victims, and everyone is afraid for their lives.

Since the first book took place on a steamy tropical island, it was a challenge to maintain a similar Gothic feel in the exact opposite climate. I loved writing about the frost and dead trees and frozen lakes, and how dirty and industrial the city was compared to Moreau’s island. I set a few scenes in the glass walls of the fictional Royal Botanical greenhouse, where despite the cold weather it was always steamy and tropical, and it was fun to describe how this atmosphere reminded Juliet of the island and everything that had happened there.

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and I wouldn't normally give away an ARC after publication, but Megan 
very kindly gave me permission to give this away for catchup purposes...

The Madman's Daughter
by Megan Shepherd

Sixteen-year-old Juliet Moreau has built a life for herself in London—working as a maid, attending church on Sundays, and trying not to think about the scandal that ruined her life. After all, no one ever proved the rumors about her father's gruesome experiments. But when she learns he is alive and continuing his work on a remote tropical island, she is determined to find out if the accusations are true.
Accompanied by her father's handsome young assistant, Montgomery, and an enigmatic castaway, Edward—both of whom she is deeply drawn to—Juliet travels to the island, only to discover the depths of her father's madness: He has experimented on animals so that they resemble, speak, and behave as humans. And worse, one of the creatures has turned violent and is killing the island's inhabitants. Torn between horror and scientific curiosity, Juliet knows she must end her father's dangerous experiments and escape her jungle prison before it's too late. Yet as the island falls into chaos, she discovers the extent of her father's genius—and madness—in her own blood.
Inspired by H. G. Wells's classic The Island of Dr. MoreauThe Madman's Daughter is a dark and breathless Gothic thriller about the secrets we'll do anything to know and the truths we'll go to any lengths to protect.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about The Madman's Daughter?

I tried to include a little something for everyone in this book: mysteries & suspense, philosophical questions, steamy romance, plot twists to keep people guessing...but my personal favorite part of the book is a minor character named Balthazar. He's a sweet, unusual, kind man, and I never expected to develop such a soft spot in my heart for a fictional character.

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Books, Books, Books

via The Berry

Do you love Southern gothics as much as I (obviously) do? Do you? Well here's something to get excited about. Have you seen the cover for Lisa Maxwell's:

by Lisa Maxwell
October 8, 2014

Lucy Aimes has always been practical. But try as she might, she can’t come up with a logical explanation for the recurring dreams that have always haunted her. Dark dreams. Dreams of a long-ago place filled with people she shouldn’t know…but does.

When her family moves to a New Orleans plantation, Lucy’s dreams become more intense, and her search for answers draws her reluctantly into the old city’s world of Voodoo and mysticism. There, Lucy finds Alex, a mysterious boy who behaves as if they’ve known each other forever. Lucy knows Alex is hiding something, and her rational side doesn’t want to be drawn to him. But she is.

As she tries to uncover Alex’s secrets, a killer strikes close to home, and Lucy finds herself ensnared in a century-old vendetta. With the lives of everyone she loves in danger, Lucy will have to unravel the mystery of her dreams before it all comes to a deadly finish.

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And she's having a contest for a great contest over at Icey Books.


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
March 20, 2014

A new series returns to the world of Beautiful Creatures. Some loves are cursed...others are dangerous.

Ridley Duchannes will be the first to tell you that she's a bad girl. She's Dark. She's a Siren. You can never trust her, or even yourself when she's around. Lucky for her, Wesley "Link" Lincoln can never seem to remember that; quarter Incubus or not, his heart is Mortal when it comes to Ridley. When Link heads to New York City to start a music career, Ridley goes along for the ride-and she has her own reasons. As if leaving small-town Gatlin for the big city, trying to form a band, and surviving life with a partially reformed Siren isn't hard enough already, Link soon learns he has a price on his head that no Caster or Mortal can ever pay.

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthors of Beautiful Creatures, are back and casting another magical spell. Their signature mixture of mystery, suspense, and romance, along with a dash of fun and danger, will pull fans in and leave them begging for more.

Have you seen the excerpt from Cassandra Clare's City of Heavenly Fire? No? 
Well what are you waiting for? Click here.

And I don't know how I missed this, but have you seen the cover for Melissa de la Cruz's new book? 

Have you seen the book trailer for Lucy Christopher's THE KILLING WOODS? (And see below for my review.)

And finally, did you hear that THESE BROKEN STARS is going to be a television show?
To find out more, click here. (And check back tomorrow for a giveaway of the book!)

What We're Reading


THE KILLING WOODS by Lucy Christopher. Lucy Christopher is a master at subtly shifting perspectives until the reader doesn't know what's real and what isn't. I was astonished by STOLEN and I am equally astonished by THE KILLING WOODS.

It's not just that she delivers a novel that kept me turning pages to find out the answers to the mystery of what happened in the woods, she simultaneously delivered a surprisingly deep and unique view of PTSD and the effects on the victim's family. The book's themes are deftly drawn and gorgeously delivered. A stunning read.

AFTERPARTY by Ann Redisch Stampler. The intensity and tension in this book is incredible. It's a breathless read that nevertheless feels startlingly real as you rush through the pages.

Don't start reading this late at night, because you won't be getting a lot of sleep. Every time I started to put the book down, I ended up picking it back up again. And I'm still thinking about the characters days later. My favorite kind of read!


I'm reading antigoddess by kendare Blake. I'm not far into it yet but i Love the unique take on Greek mythology.


DOCTOR SLEEP by Stephen King. This was the first book I've read in several years that wasn't YA or romance. I've been reading Stephen King's books since I was way too young, and he's had a huge influence on what I like to read and write (in fact, the psychic elements of RUN TO YOU have influences of King's CARRIE and FIRESTARTER).

It was wonderful reading another Stephen King book after so long. I enjoyed it thoroughly, every word, especially the hold-your-breath-suspenseful scenes.

Even better, one of the protagonists in DOCTOR SLEEP was a lovely and brave teenage girl, so I was able to enjoy a YA element as well.


GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE by Andrew Smith. It is weird, and raw and totally different but an absolutely beautiful story of a boy growing up and all of the confusion that goes along with it, all the while dealing with a total freak phenomenon. Fans of Andrew Smith will love it!


I just read Stina Lindenblatt's TELL ME WHEN and it was fabulous!! I couldn't put it down. 

Writing Tip of the Week

via ivyandintwine

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone. Happy reading and writing!


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  1. Hope your news is book related and you can tell us!!!!

    LOVE the TV plans for Broken!!

    Thank you:)

    1. It is, Christina, and I'll share just as soon as I possibly can! And isn't it fabulous about BROKEN? I adore Eric Balfour!

  2. Can't wait to hear your news, Martina. And I'm so excited These Broken Starts is going to be a movie!

    Glad Lisa loved Tell Me When. I did too!

    1. Thanks, Natalie. I'm excited to share soon. And I'm thrilled for Meagan and Amie and -- most selfishly -- for the rest of us who will have a great new show to watch. :)

  3. I'm excited about These Broken Stars becoming a television show.

  4. I like hearing about a book you can't put down. Thanks Lisa!

    1. I've read it, too, Tammy -- before it was published. And you can't believe the way it all comes together. Page turner!

  5. Excited about These Broken Stars becoming a TV show! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    1. My pleasure, and me too! I hope you're a HAVEN fan!

  6. Can't wait to read the Madman's Daughter.

  7. So, can I SOMEHOW sway this giveaway that I receive either one of Megan Shepherd's titles? Hmmm…does it count that I'll be mentioning "The Madman's Daughter" in an upcoming blog post? Don't know…but please enter my name! Thanks.And even though your nifty new pointer-counter-upper doesn't ask me to share this on FB --II'll go do that now!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Carol. And it should tell you something that I've hung onto the ARC for more than a year! :)

  8. Can't wait to hear your news!! And I'm so excited about a tv show of These Broken Stars. I just read it last week and it's great.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was late to the party reading THESE BROKEN STARS. I'd heard such incredible things about it, and it did NOT disappoint. I just wish the show were here already. And the next book!

  9. I just read about the TV plans for These Broken Stars yesterday and was especially excited because Eric Balfour is involved. I love him from Haven and would have a heart attack on the spot if he wanted to be a part of my book. Huge congrats to Amie and Meagan!

    1. Your book is going to get the same attention -- and I'll hope for Eric Balfour for you. :) But in no time, it will be YOU having this kind of an announcement!

  10. Gosh the cover for Her Dark Curiosity is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

    1. Isn't it beautiful! And wait until tomorrow, Rain! BIG giveaway coming at you! :)

  11. Replies
    1. It really is. This is a tough business, but if you focus on the words and the craft, you'll come through. :)

  12. I have wanted to read The Madman's Daughter since before it released last year, but my budget doesn't really allow me to buy books at this time. I would LOVE to have the chance to read both!

    I'm excited to see what you think of Antigoddess, I love books about Greek mythology!!

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Rachel, but it's all up to Rafflecopter. And I'm with you on hearing the review for ANTIGODDESS. I'm such an ENORMOUS fan of Kendare Blake!

  13. I'm so excited about the TV news for These Broken Stars :D I just loved that book. I cannot wait to read Her Dark Curiosity either!

    1. Isn't it funny how once in a while a book comes along that just spreads like wildfire? I love it! And Megan's done a fabulous job with HER DARK CURIOSITY. Such delicious shivers. :)

  14. The Madman's Daughter is very high on my TBR list. I would love to win a copy. So many good books listed here. Thanks for reminding me of these good books and thanks for running the giveaway.

    1. I've not got all my fingers and toes crossed for various people, so I'm glad it's all up to the Rafflecopter! And the problem with all these good books is that it is so hard to juggle that TBR pile, isn't it? Have a great week, Rosi!

  15. (This is Darith L.)

    Yeah, I heard the news of These Broken Stars on Twitter! Now I really need to get on reading the book. :D

  16. I'm currently listening to The Madman's Daughter of audiobook and it's fantastic! I can't wait to read the sequel!

  17. I can't wait to read these books. They sound very good. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  18. I think some of the middle school students I work with would really enjoy these- particularly the Mad Man's Daughter. It's great to be able to read an interview of the author to get a peek into their thought processes.

  19. I love that this is a new take on The Island of Dr. Moreau! These classic stories are so good, and it's interesting to see the take modern writers have on them. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I'm currently halfway through The Madman's Daughter, and I love it! :) And yes, Balthazar's surprisingly sweet! I can't wait to read Her Dark Curiosity!

  21. Look forward to reading The Madman's Daughter, the multi-genre packed story is what makes the a book a must-read. To also add in the love triangle element..hehe 2 guys and a girl...bound to be trouble. Then you add in a mad-science experiment gone bad...bbrrrr scary.

    I also want to read Stephen King's, Doctor Sleep. It's Stephen King..need I say more?

  22. Madman's Daughter had an ending that left me a little desperate for book two… So glad it's almost release time! ^^ Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. I can't wait to read Her Dark Curiosity! (:

  24. I cannot wait for the These Broken Stars TV series & I've been dying to read the Madman's Daughter!

  25. Wait, there's a TV series coming?! I haven't read many of these books but added a bunch of them to my list.

  26. I still have to read These Broken Stars but that cover is GORGEOUS!!!
    In an ideal world, all tv shows and movies would be based on YA novels.

  27. I just finished The Madman's Daughter and it was so good! So dark and eerie that it left me dying for the sequel. Can't wait!

  28. I loved Madman's Daughter. So curious to figure out what Megan Shephard will do with this one!

  29. I loved The Madman's Daughter! I want to read the next book. Really looking forward to see what happens next. Juliet is an interesting character!

  30. So much exciting news! And Her Dark Curiosity sounds especially great.

  31. Can't wait to read Her Dark Curiosity :)

  32. Thanks for the writing tip/motivation! I needed it!

  33. Excited that THESE BROKEN STARS will soon air on television! Thanks for sharing this news and for the fab giveaway!


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