Thursday, August 29, 2013

1 Character Bucket List - Cate, Maura, and Tess from The Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood

Here are bucket lists for Cate, Maura, and Tess. Of course - if the prophecy of the last oracle is correct, one of them will die at her sister's hand before the dawn of the 20th century...

1. Protect my sisters
2. Make New England safe for other girls like us
3. Marry Finn
4. Have adorable freckled children & teach them to climb trees
5. Have a sweet little house with my own garden and an apple tree
6. Help people with my healing magic

1. Wrest control from the Brothers
2. Lead the Sisterhood someday whether I'm the oracle or not
3. Make the entire world safe for girls like us
4. Show Cate she was wrong about everything
5. Kiss Elena again. Maybe.

1. Make peace between Cate and Maura
2. Tell Father the truth about us
3. Learn Chinese from Mei
4. Learn to make Sister Sophia's proper Christmas pudding
5. Beat Mei at chess
6. Read all the books in the Sisters' library
7. Write my own book someday - and not get arrested for it
8. Find someone who looks at me the way Finn looks at Cate

About the Book

With the Brotherhood persecuting witches like never before, a divided Sisterhood desperately needs Cate to come into her Prophesied powers. And after Cate's friend Sachi is arrested for using magic, a war-thirsty Sister offers to help her find answers—if Cate is willing to endanger everyone she loves.

Cate doesn't want to be a weapon, and she doesn't want to involve her friends and Finn in the Sisterhood's schemes. But when Maura and Tess join the Sisterhood, Maura makes it clear that she'll do whatever it takes to lead the witches to victory. Even if it means sacrifices. Even if it means overthrowing Cate. Even if it means all-out war.

In the highly anticipated sequel to Born Wicked, the Cahill Witch Chronicles continue Cate, Maura and Tess's quest to find love, protect family, and explore their magic against all odds in an alternate history of New England.

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About the Author

Jessica Spotswood grew up in a tiny one-stoplight town in Pennsylvania, where she could be found swimming, playing clarinet, memorizing lines for the school play, or—most often—with her nose in a book. She's been writing since she was little but studied theatre in college and grad school. Now she lives in Washington, DC with her brilliant playwright husband and a cuddly cat named Monkey.

She is the author of The Cahill Witch Chronicles. The first book in the trilogy, BORN WICKED, and the second book, STAR CURSED, are both available from Putnam. She loves reading books about independent girls who still get in a fair amount of swoony kissing, so that's what she tried to write.


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  1. You know, if those three girls were to check out each other's bucket lists with open eyes and hearts, they would see just how much more than have in common beyond the Sisterhood.

    Very intriguing.


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