Sunday, August 11, 2013

19 Announcing the Pitch+250 Top 25

Congratulations to the Top 25 of the Pitch+250 Contest!! The following entries will be moving on to Round 2, where they will be judged by our Author judges.

Brimstone for Breakfast – Tasha Ellis
Carrion – Michelle LaMarca
Crossing Lau Dai La – Hong Tran
Crystal Clear – Dede Perkins
Dead Girls Can't Sing – Ammy Hall
Dream Leap – Mureall Hebert
Ember – Max Brunner
Enchanted Moon – Kimberly Wheaton
From Stacey with Love – Linda Jackson
Gideon and the Nightmare Demon – Sarah Turnbull
Gone Wild – Martha Mayberry
Mage Storm – Meredith Mansfield
Mighty Mike and the Alien Pez Dispenser – Marlene Moss
Nephilim – Hope Cook
Pygmy Hazards – Michelle Hauck
Rectify – Jo Riley
The End – Michele McCole Moss
The Interpreters – Kim Beck
The Mary Kennedys – Leslie Hauser
The Wildness in Mellie Feye – Candice Marley Conner
To Know Me – Marcy Blesy
Under the Violet Sky – Michaele Stoughton
Unlimited Wishes – Pete Catalano
Wandaful – Michael Young
Words in the Windowsill – Susan Nystoriak

Special thanks to the fabulous YA Bloggers who helped us judge Round 1. We can't thank you enough for your generosity!!

Amy Trueblood is a freelance writer with over fifteen years of experience in marketing and public relations. Her short stories, “Emanate,” and "Unearthed," are part of The Fall and Summer's Edge anthologies published by Elephant’s Bookshelf Press. Her writing has also appeared in Liquid Imagination. When not “chasing the crazy” dream of being published, she feeds her addictions to good TV (Bones, Castle & Fringe), Barnes & Noble and mango ice tea. Amy was also the winner of our May Pitch+250 Contest. She blogs at Chasing the Crazies and can also be found on Twitter at @atrueblood5.

Carrie Butler daydreamed her way through college—until they thrust a marketing degree into her hands, slapped a summa cum laude seal on the corner, and booted her out into a less-than-stellar job market. Instead of panicking at the prospect of unemployment, she used her Midwestern logic to steer into the skid and point her life in the direction she really wanted to go: writing out those daydreams.

She is the author of Strength, a New Adult paranormal romance, and a co-founder/contributor at NA Alley. She can be found on Twitter at @CarrieAButler.

Angelica Jackson, in keeping with her scattered Gemini nature, has published articles on such subjects as gardening, natural history, web design, travel, hiking, and local history. Other interests include pets, reading, green living, and cooking for food allergies (the latter not necessarily by choice, but she’s come to terms with it). Ongoing projects include short fiction, poetry, YA novels, art photography, and children’s picture books.

In 2012, she started Pens for Paws Auction, which features critiques and swag from agents and authors to raise money for a no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary where she volunteers, Fat Kitty City. She blogs at Angelic Muse and as an operative at the group blog Operation Awesome, and also volunteers at the regional conference for her local SCBWI chapter (which she recommends as a great way to get involved in the writing community). She can be found on Twitter at @angelicarjaxon.

It should be noted (and perhaps celebrated) that Angelica successfully restrained herself from writing a satirical bio this time around.

Megan Whitmer lives in Kentucky with her husband and two daughters. She loves all things Southern, and has a soft spot for football, kissing scenes, and things that sparkle. She's a contributing blogger for,, and YA Misfits.

Her debut novel, BETWEEN, will be published in July 2014 by Spencer Hill Press. When she's not writing, she spends her time drinking absurd amounts of cherry coke zero and wishing someone would pay her to tweet. She can be found on Twitter at @MeganWhitmer.

Katy Upperman is the stay-at-home mom of an adorable five-year-old girl. The wife of a handsome US Army Major. An aspiring writer of contemporary young adult novels. A Washington State University Alum–Go Cougs! An avid reader of anything she can get her hands on. An enthusiastic runner. The owner of two needy and eccentric mutt puppy dogs. A dweller of Central California. A proud country music fan. A too-frequent shopper of Target and indi book stores. A lover of the ocean, pedicures, peanut butter, quilting, her laptop, warm summer days, Chipoltle, Pinterest, and Dirty Dancing & Wedding Crashers. A fan of Jelly Bellies, Entertainment Weekly, Breaking Bad, and Words with Friends.

Katy is represented by Victoria Marini of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency. She is an operative at YA Confidential and can be found on Twitter at @katyupperman.


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a judge for this round! I had a blast, and it looks like my picks made it through, woo hoo! Congrats to the top 25.

  2. A million thank yous to you, Angelica, and to Amy, Carrie, Megan, and Katy. We can't shout out our thanks enough. It's been an honor and a pleasure to have you judge this initial round of the contest.

    Congratulations to the top 25! And congratulations to everyone who entered! You should ALL feel like winners. Putting yourselves out there in contests like this takes courage and dedication and a strong desire to succeed as writers. Hopefully, the feedback our wonderful judges have given you will help you learn and grow, and we'll hope to see you in other contests and meet your characters in print someday. :)

    1. Thank you so much for this contest opportunity, Martina. Even though I did not make it to round 2, I am more than excited to receive feedback from the bloggers. I'm sure it will be incredibly helpful. Thanks to all five of you for taking the time in reviewing the submissions. I am amazed at all of the helpful information on "Adventures in YA Publishing". I was unaware of it prior to entering the contest, but now I will for sure check back often.

  3. Ah crud! Better luck next time ey?
    Looking forward to see who takes top place, also, to all those who weren't quick enough sending in their entries this time, I wish you the best next time!

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Yay! When is the next round happening? (I did look, but couldn't find the info.)

    1. The Round 2 Judges already have the entries. I'll be posting the top 10 next Sunday.

    2. If the first 250 words have been re-written (I'm also doing the amazing 1st Five Pages workshop) can we give you those? The workshop has helped a lot and I was just wondering.

      Thank you so much for such a great contest! I am blown away by the generosity on this site. I wish I'd found you all sooner.


  5. Congratulations to those who made it to the next round!

    Martina, you mentioned feedback from the judges to those of us who didn't make the cut. I haven't gotten any yet. Is that coming in the future or did I miss it somewhere? This is my first submission ever and I want to get all of the critique I can get to make my submissions stronger and more successful in the future!

    Thanks for this opportunity and best of luck to those going forward.

    1. I will be sending out copies of the scorecards from the round 1 judges. I will try to get it done today, but it may be tomorrow evening.

    2. Okay. Thanks for the info! No hurries. I just wanted to be sure I didn't miss something.

    3. Thanks for all of your hard work, Jan. It is much appreciated!

    4. Hi Jan,

      Checking I didn't miss something re: the scorecards -- how are you/have you sent them out? Is it to the entrants email addresses?
      Just making sure I don't miss out on the feedback.

    5. I haven't gotten anything either.

    6. The scorecards haven't gone out yet. Jan is unexpectedly dealing with some work issues, and I am working on back-to-back deadlines. Please bear with us. Coordinating a contest like this takes time, but we're doing the best we can!

  6. Thank you so much Katy, Megan, Angelica, Carrie, and Amy for your time! Can't wait to see the feedback :)

  7. Thanks to all the judges: Amy, Carrie, Megan, Katy, and Angelica. Can't wait for the next round.

  8. Many thanks to the first round judges and congrats to those who made it to Round 2. I'm all excited now to see who make the next cut. Crossing my fingers and wishing everyone the best :-)

  9. Wow... I am so excited to move on! Thanks so much to the 1st round judges for their time in reading all these entries. I look forward to the next round and seeing what is to come :)

  10. Darn, failed again. ;) Congrats and good luck to those to made it! (As for me, maybe fourth time's the charm)?


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