Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 May Pitch+250 Finalist - No Such Thing

Name: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Title: No Such Thing
Genre: YA Southern Gothic


Dare Cleaster hasn't believed in ghosts since she was a little girl. But on a sweaty summer night, the seventeen-year-old unintentionally wakes a sinister spirit that’s been dormant in the crumbling Waters residence for years, and it refuses to be ignored. Now Dare must figure out how to lay the ghost of Atheleen Waters to rest before she can add to the body count she began over a hundred and fifty years ago.

1st 250:

When I was little, I believed in everything. I thought aliens, Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, and even the cartoon mascots from cereal boxes were out in the world somewhere, driving cars and wearing suits to work like men I saw on TV.

I had a big imagination because I lived in a small town where most of the men I knew didn’t even own a suit.

The two men sharing a booth in the old café were as well-dressed as they came in Candor. Nothing too fancy, but at least they wore neatly pressed uniforms.

As I watched from behind the counter, wiping crumbs from the surface with my rag, the sheriff stared down at his untouched plate of bacon and eggs. He poked them with his fork as if expecting them to spring to life and attack him at any moment.

“Somethin’ wrong with your food, sir?” I said. My voice carried across the empty room. The sheriff and his deputy were pushing the limits of common courtesy by keeping us open past eleven-thirty on a Friday night.

“Huh?” Sheriff Thompson grunted, looking up.

I weaved between tables with practiced ease to reach their window-side booth in a flash. “Look. I know the bacon’s probably too crisp for most folks’ taste. But if you don’t want it, I’ll eat it. Mr. Forrester’d be happy to make you somethin’ else.”

I gave them a smile and tugged my apron down. It stopped several inches above my knees, but it was still longer than the skimpy cutoffs I’d worn to my shift.


  1. Congrats on getting to this round. Sounds like an interesting idea. Good luck with the story.

  2. I love a good scary story! Great job and good luck!

    -Amanda Leigh

  3. I love the description in your pitch "sweaty summer night" - perfectly conveys the setting in those brief words! Also love the opening page. It's not a blast of action (those can be jarring), but stuff is happening and we're already getting a sense of your MC :-D

  4. Love the writing style! Very personable and the plot is intriguing. Would love to be able to read more!! Good Luck!
    - Erin

  5. Solid, unique voice. I'd want to keep reading for sure, want to know who these guys are and why they're keeping the diner open late =)

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words!!


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