Monday, February 25, 2013

1 Reaching Beyond the Dark Moment in Your Writing

Hi Everyone,

Please scroll down to read the ten finalists in our Pitch + 250 contests. All of these finalists are currently being read by our panel of five agents, and we'll be announcing the winners soon.

Jan and I want to congratulate everyone who made this round, but also everyone who entered the contest, or any contest. Putting our work out there is hard. And sometimes, when you think you can't take another rejection, another blank page you can't see past, another time when someone didn't appreciate your work, the big break-through you've been waiting for is just around the corner.

I'm over at the Querytracker Blog today, posting on just that. You've heard of the monomyth theory? The steps of the heroic journey behind every story as explained by Campbell and Vogler? Well, those same steps apply to every writer. Stop by and see where you are on your own personal path to success.

Have a great writing week!


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  1. Absolutely. Congrats to EVERYONE. And that was an awesome heroic journey analogy, perfect for writers! I enjoyed that. :)


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