Saturday, January 5, 2013

4 This Week For Writers 12/29/12 - 1/4/13

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Research - All the Layers - Kaitlin Ward at YAHighway talks about research.

Teenage Slang: A (Short) Glossary - Kelly Fiore at The Lucky 13's posts about some teenage slang she hears.

For Writers Who Can't Seem To Finish A Novel - John Hansen at Teens Can Write Too gives advice on finishing.

How Long Should You Keep Trying To Get Published? - Jane Friedman gives excellent, practical advice

How Not To Let Your Writing Make You Crazy In 2013 - Fiona Paul on time management for writers.

Story, and the Power to Change - Phoebe North at YA Highway on change.

If You're Never Sorry - Courtney Summers talks about writing unlikeable female characters.

Structuring Your Story's Scenes: Part 4 - K.M. Weiland on options for conflict in a scene.

Romancing the Writing - Sarah Zarr on having a long-term relationship with writing.

Interview with Vicki Lame - Miss Literati talks to Vicki Lame, YA editor at St. Martins Press.

What Sizzles Soon Fizzles - Cupid from CupidsLC guest posts about trends on YA Society.

Notes on Writing Advice - Susan Adrian talks about good and bad writing advice.

The Question of Theme - Patricia C. Wrede on theme from a writer's point of view.

The Optimist vs. The Realist - Wendy Lawton on being realistic.

Is the Story's Conflict Apparent Immediately? - Scott Eagan on conflict and pacing.

12 Tips For Recovering From Writing Burnout - Jami Gold on burnout.

How To Get Organized - Jurgen Wolff offers seven steps writers can use to reach their goals.

Help With Character Development - Elizabeth Craig offers info and links on character development.

The Secret To Writing a First Novel - Julianna Baggott of Writer Unboxed shares her secret.

Time Marches On - Janice Hardy gives tips on dealing with the passage of time between scenes.

Why Your Characters Should Be Gray - Neal Abbott guest posts on Wordplay about gray characters.

Friday Fricassee - Authoress rants about grammar.

Taking Your Time To Get It Right  - Natalie Lakosil talks about slowing down and making sure it's perfect.

Finding Your Revision Zen - Amanda Bonilla gives three tactics for revision.

Revising Beginnings - Lisa Amowitz on beginning a novel.

Creating Unique Characters - Bethany Wiggins gives advice on ways to make your characters different.

25 Writer Resolutions for 2013 - Chuck Wendig lists resolutions for writers.

An Editor Confesses - Ruth Harris guest posts about what writers have taught her.

Agent Q&A Part One - Six agents answer questions about revision.

Field Trip Friday Query Highlights - Kate Hart posts the best publishing tweets of the past three years.

Why Do We Feel Our Story Sucks? - Scott Eagan posts several reasons why you think your story sucks.

The Paradox - Donald Maass talks about whether or not your story matters.

Endings - Talia Vance on foreshadowing your ending.


New Adult: Marketing? Age? Accessibility? What Makes It Different? - Nicole at Word for Teens offers a great look at New Adult fiction.

Childhood Uncensored - Lauren Myracle calls it like she sees it.

Rants About Rants About YA  - Sarah Rees Brennan rants about rants.

Boy Books, Girl Books, Or Just Plain Great Books? - Jennifer Laughran talks about gender-branding in YA.

What Is New Adult? - Elizabeth Burns at School Library Journal posts a good round-up of information on New Adult.

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  1. Wow. This is an amazing list. Thanks for all the links.

  2. Thanks for the great round up. I enjoyed seeing the NA posts, even if some of them (or the comments) left me shaking my head. Someone seriously thought that New Adult is for 14 year olds??????

    1. I saw that too. Maybe they thought it stood for Not Adult? lol


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