Saturday, June 2, 2012

0 Free Month-Long 1st 5 Pages June Workshop is Open for Submissions

Apologies to all, but I couldn't get back to the computer until now. The workshop filled yesterday afternoon. I will be notifying the participants later tonight or tomorrow morning, and posting the entries tomorrow. We definitely have more entries than we can accept this month, so I hope that anyone who is not able to participate will be able to reenter next month.

Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

The June First Five Pages Workshop This month's workshop is  now open for submissions. We will take the first five YA or MG entries that meet ALL the guidelines. Elana Johnson and Angela Ackerman are both guest mentors this month. Angela is part of the amazing Bookshelf Muse blog team, and one of the authors of the indespensible writer's companion book The Emotion Thesaurus. Elana is the author of Possession and the new sequel coming out next week: SURRENDER.

Please click here for entry parameters and requirements--and be sure to follow ALL the guidelines for the initial round of submissions as well as all revisions. At minimum, post the title, genre, and your name at the top of each entry, and send the entry in the body of the email in RTF format, singlespaced with two carriage returns between paragraphs and make sure the entry is no more than 1250 words. Again, please read and follow ALL the guidelines.

Thanks and good luck!

Martina and Lisa

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