Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week for Writers 2/10/12: Our Favorite Articles and Blog Posts

Book Reviews and Giveaways


Inspiration and Smiles

Issues, News, Trends, and Congratulations

Social Media, Promotion, and Self-Publishing

To Market

Other Weekly Round-Ups:

Did we miss a great post? Have a link you want to add? Please do! Clara and I are trying our best, but there are just too few hours in the day to let us catch all the great stuff out there. If we missed a great post, we apologize and invite you to leave a comment with the information.

Happy reading and joyous writing, everyone!

Clara and Martina


  1. Great tips as always. Thanks so much for including a shout out about my blogversary giveaway.

  2. Some grest stuff here. Thanks for incluidng my post! Happy writing!

  3. As usual, nice round-up! I'll be binging on it.

  4. A treasure trove of linkies! Thanks much!

  5. So many posts sound great! But I'm currently computerless (Techie Repair Land) for a few weeks, so I'm going to miss out on a lot!

  6. Awesome as always, ladies! Thank you!

  7. I know where I'll spend some serious time tonight--right here! Thanks again, and again for the mention :-)

  8. Your linktastic posts lower my anxiety level of missing gold on the blogosphere. Gracias.


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