Friday, December 23, 2011

10 This Week for Writers 12/23/11: Our Favorite Articles and Blog Posts

Thanks to everyone who entered our 15 Books for 1500 Followers Giveaway. The winners are posted here.

Check back next Friday for a brand new giveaway. Meanwhile, Happy Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone. May every moment be filled with friends, family, warmth, love, and laughter!

Clara's Favorites

Martina's Favorites

Book Reviews and Giveaways

Craft of Writing, Self-Editing, and Critiquing

Inspiration and Smiles

Issues, News, Trends, and Congratulations

Social Media

To Market

Other Weekly Round-Ups:
Did we miss anything? Anyone? Please leave a comment!

Happy reading and joyous writing,

Clara and Martina


  1. I'm AMAZED at how many blogs you were able to read with all the holiday busy times. Thanks so much and have a great holiday.

  2. Thanks so much, Natalie! It's Clara. She's a dynamo, I'm telling you! Hope you are all set for the holiday.

    Wishing you much joy!


  3. Thanks again for a great list! Really appreciate this. So many links I want to check out--and plan to here soon :-)

  4. Thanks for the great linky list! I'm going to WRITE first and use this list as a reward after I've made some progress. ;o)

  5. You continue to AMAZE me with your cyber-spotting. Thank you for the targets. Have a wonderful holiday. *hug*

  6. Natalie, Kendra, Carol, and Leslie: I'm so glad you find the links useful. I love finding them for you! Carol, using the links as a reward after writing is a great idea!

    Have a joyful holiday, everyone.

    Love and hugs!

  7. Awesome list again!

    I hadn't heard Julie was the latest writing hero - fabulous choice! :)

  8. Awesome advice as always!!

  9. Guys, thanks so much!!!

    And Merry Christmas to each of you.

  10. Jemi, Traci, and Julie -- thanks so much! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you keep coming back for more links. We appreciate the support so much! :)




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