Tuesday, August 30, 2011

13 Tumblr - The Missing Link for Writing and Social Media

I love to blog about books and writing. I do. And I love the amazingly warm and supportive writing community on Twitter, although when I'm writing or knee deep in the quicksand of (gulp) actual work, I have to resort to Tweeting vicariously through Google Reader.

I don't totally love Facebook yet, and I'm mostly on it because my son went to college and he wants me to keep in touch with what he's doing without having to repeat  himself. (So yeah, I'm on Facebook because I raised an efficient kid. And oh, good, I just admitted that out loud.)

As much as I loved all this social networking though, until this weekend, there was something missing. All the time it takes up was time I used to spend reading newspapers--yes, Virginia, they DO still exist--or craft books. My craft book time has dwindled, and my newspaper reading has become nonexistent. I still devour actual book books as much as I can, but I find that it is reading nonfiction and looking at art and the world in general that opens my mind to perspectives, thoughts, and break-throughs. Without the random nonfiction fix I'd been getting through the newspaper, I felt like my brain wasn't getting as much imagination fodder, and without that, I started to worry that my writing would eventually become dull and uninformed.

I needed a quick way to catch up with the stuff that feeds other areas of the brain: social issues, fashion trends, culture, news, scientific breakthroughs, etc. And then Tahereh Mafi introduced me to Tumblr.

Game chANging! Epically. Brilliant.

Tumblr has blogs on all the topics I just listed. And they are visually-based. I can go through and quickly collect a whole slew of different topics, think about these briefly, and squirrel them away under appropriate tags like Story Ideas, Inspiration, Genetics, Faeries, etc., all in the blink of an eye. With enough time to spare to actually--oh, I don't know--write something.

So now, here's how I look at the different social media I'm using:
  • Blogging gives me a chance to coalesce my thoughts about writing, craft, inspiration, the market, whatever. In the process of collecting the best articles for our Friday posts, I learn so much and stay on top of the publishing industry. Our Monday posts usually keep me up to date on new releases and what people are saying about them.
  • Tweeting is a quick way to find new blogs, new writers, and connect with the writing community. It's an amazing community. And if I need a pick me up, a kick in the ass, or whatever else, there is ALWAYS someone there to administer it. How cool is that?
  • Facebooking lets me stay "friends" with my friends, connect on a personal basis.
  • Tumblr exposes me to a stream of images and information as broad as I want to make it. While the information isn't necessarily "deep", I can dig deeper when something interests me, and meanwhile, I see all sorts of things that make me pause and think about the beauty and problems in the world at large.
I finally feel like I have a balanced diet of social media.

What about you? Are your thoughts Tumblred? No? Come on, what are you waiting for? Shake things up a little!

Happy social networking,



  1. I am on Tumblr, too! And I actually like it much better than Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on certain things, but I have grown bored with their layout. Tumblr keeps me up to date AND is pretty because of all the images and gifs. :o)

  2. I just recently joined Tumblr and I'm very much loving it. Such a cool concept! All the immediacy of Twitter with the detail of blogging. Lots of room for creativity.

    I Tumbl as YA!Flash :)

  3. I haven't tried Tumblr and I'm not on Twitter. I'm relunctant to add anything because I already spend so much time on social networking. I really need to read the newspaper more and other stuff. I'll consider Tumblr though.

  4. I love your Tumblr, Martina! One of these days, I'll get on there myself. Probably after I inherit my hubby's iPhone. : )

  5. I haven't tried tumblr either - just so mnay things!!

  6. OMGosh...thank you for explaining this. Up until today, I had no idea what Tumblr was. :)

  7. Tumblr is a writer's crack if they need inspiration or are an inspiration junkie. Endless scrolling means endless inspiration.

  8. Checking out Tumblr has been on my to-do list for awhile. Your post has made me move it up to the top. Thanks!

  9. I haven't tried tumblr. I can barely keep up with blogging and Tweeter as it it. Maybe once the kids are back to school, I'l check it out.

  10. Nooo, I'm social networked out. I joined both Twitter (Feb) and Facebook (July) this year and that's enough!!!

  11. I'll have to check out Tumblr. Had no idea what it was and I'm all over social networking - but at some point it feels a little bit overwhelming. Tumblr sounds inspirational! Thank you!

  12. I love checking out other people's tumblr pages so maybe I'll create one of my own someday. I love how you can post snippets of random thing so easily!


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