Thursday, September 30, 2010

0 Query Letter #45

Query Letter #45
Name: Angela Goughnour
Title: Where The Stones Speak
Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Dear Ms. LaPolla,

In ancient times, standing stones were erected to protect the purveyors of divine prophecy known as sibyls. Sent to the sons of man during the deluge of Noach, their lives were in constant peril as many an empire sought control of their prophetic gifts.

Banished by those too fearful to harbor one so marked with magick, sixteen-year old Iona, clan ruler on The Isle of Virgins, wields a javelin and sword to protect her refuge and ensure the existence of her kind. But when she discovers she is more than a fledgling prophetess, she is a sibyl of ancient lineage, Iona must embark on a journey to find her sacred circle of stones, where they say no dark magick can breech, and proclaim her oracles to the multitudes before they fall victim to false truths— But there are many who seek to silence the ancient world’s last free sibyl.

When King Tarquin of Rome learns of Iona, he dispatches Rome’s legions and a prophetic pawn of his own: Attius, a young augur able to locate Iona by divining the heavenly signs. But when Attius notices how King Tarquin corrupts the prophecies for his own glory and greed, he begins to reconsider his purpose. And a recently unleashed demon seeks revenge towards the sibyls for his centuries of enslavement. Fearful of being bound again, he will misalign the signs and incite confusion so that man does not once again learn the craft of magick from the sibyl who holds the knowledge to bind him.

Based on the historical legend of the sibyls, The Sibylline Prophecies and The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, Where The Stones Speak, a Young Adult Historical Fantasy, is complete at 75,300 words.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Angela Goughnour

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