Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Query Letter #36

Query Letter #36
Your Name: Larissa
Title: Lure
Genre: YA Paranormal

Dear Ms. LaPolla,

Fifteen-year-old Mitch would rather pound a nail through his thumb than read, so when everyone in his small South Dakota town starts obsessing over a book, he hopes the craze will pass quickly. But LURE is no ordinary book--soon teachers are stopping class to read, and Mitch's mom forgets to make dinner as she turns the pages.

Before long, it seems only Mitch and his best friend Jen have avoided getting sucked in--and the situation has become more dire. The streets are empty. People aren't eating or drinking. When Mitch's dad is injured, he continues to read through the pain, and the hospital is full of nurses and doctors absorbed in LURE, their jobs forgotten. Even as Mitch realizes the town is reading itself to death, Jen succumbs to the book's pull, leaving him alone. He must find LURE's secret ... or lose everyone he loves.

Thank you for considering my YA Paranormal novel, LURE. I am a member of SCBWI and the Florida Writers Association. I follow you on Twitter and read your blog, and hope LURE fits what you are looking for. Thank you for your time.


Larissa Hardesty


  1. Ha! What a wild concept!

    I really think this is nicely done. The play on the title of your book and the title of the book making the characters wonky is fun!!!

    Consider: Maybe highlight what it is about Mitch that makes him special and unique--okay, so maybe he hates reading, which is why he didn't read LURE in the first place, but why is he the one to save the day?

    Consider: Drawing out what makes him so resilient against the book.

    Consider: Really upping the ante as far as what's at stake. "Losing everyone he loves" is pretty general, IMHO. What specifically will happen to Mitch if he doesn't succeed?

  2. This query letter is nicely polished. Sounds like an intriguing book!

  3. I think this is pretty damn near perfect. Only thing I would add is the wordcount of the completed MS.


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