Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 Query Letter #34

Query Letter #34
Your Name: Bethany Morrow
Title: The Last Life of Avrilis
Genre: YA Dystopian

Dear Ms. Sarah LaPolla,

When Avrilis saves the life of a boy meant to die, her unscripted behavior forces the two of them to run - not knowing whether the hunters or the end of the age will catch up to them first.

As one of your followers on Twitter, I am pleased to submit my novel, THE LAST LIFE OF AVRILIS, for your consideration based on your interest in science fiction, literary and young adult literature.

Sixteen-year-old Avrilis isn’t sure a world that replays is worth saving. An orphaned Sentient living at the end of the age, she knows that time repeats and that any Sentient guilty of change becomes prey for the hunters. When she saves the life of a street urchin meant to die, the two discover the Sentient Underground – and that the father she believed dead is the prophet with a plan to end the world for good.

Staying one step ahead of the hunters and the end of time, Avrilis must uncover her father’s motive and choose a side. She can join the fight with the boy whose life she saved or face the aboveground while she searches for the one she’s loved in every life before.

THE LAST LIFE OF AVRILIS is a YA dystopian steampunk that leans toward the literary and is completed at 55,000 words. It has a vivid binary world as its setting, series potential and is a multiple submission.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bethany Morrow

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  1. I've read this twice, trying to find some flaw with it. But all I can think is, "I so want to read this!"

    Heck, if I were an agent, I'd be requesting a full. :D

    I have no idea what a binary world is. Would an agent? (Okay, I'm really gasping for straws).


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