Friday, September 17, 2010

16 Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/17

Craft of Writing


To Market
Blogging, Twitter & Social Media
After the Sale
Book Review
  • A Reason to Smile! [Suzanne Young] Congrats Trish Doller for the sale of your book THE NEW NORMAL to Bloomsbury!
  • some VERY big news [allyson condie] Congrats on the MATCHED film deal. WOW!
  • Super sekrit revealed. [Jade hears voices] Congrats Tere Kirkland for signing with Rosemary Stimola!
Trends & Issues
Just for Smiles
 Other Weekly Round-Ups:

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  1. Great list of links. I loved Literary Rambles' word count post. I've been obsessed with the issue lately as I try to figure out the proper word count for my middle grade fantasy. It really helped.

  2. Great list as always. Wow, what a lot of giveaways. :D

  3. Craft of writing has some real good ones! Thanks.

  4. Wow - your list is great. Now I have lots to read this weekend.

  5. You girls always do an amazing job. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passion. You're the best! Have a super weekend. Blessings, Buffy

  6. Thanks again for a great list--still plowing through it, but I did like A. Victoria Nixon's 5 Ways to Make Your Novel's Climax Unforgettable!

  7. Ohh, lots of good character ones this week. Thanks for gathering them and for including my post on unity too, of course!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  8. Heeeey! Thanks also for including the Goober Writers Anonymous over at Emily White's blog! with the post of my excruciating-writer-mistake tale.

    I'm glad more writers may read that, so they WON'T do what I did! If it helps anyone become published, that would be way cool.

  9. Fabulous list! I'll be busy today, I see :)

  10. Aww- thanks again for including me : ) I check every Friday and some how manage to lose myself in these wonderful posts. Thanks for doing this

  11. Hey guys,

    Thanks (as always) for your awesome list. I'm almost amazed at how much gold you dig up.

    Just wanted to throw the post I wrote on the Perfect Pitch in there. It has lots and lots of links to other resources on pitching:

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Again, you astound me with your awesomeness. Thank you so much for all you do for the KidLit community! I can't imagine this place without you. *hugs* <3 <3

  13. Thanks, everyone for all your kind words! Marissa and I love doing this and you make it fun. And Elana? OMG, the shoe is SO on the other foot!!!



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