Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Articles This Week for Writers 8/20/2010

Can't keep up with all the great blog posts during the week? Here's your one-stop shop. This is the best of what we found while we were reading.

Craft of Writing
To Market
After the Sale
Trends and Issues
Twitter, Blogging & Other Social Media
 Just for Smiles
 Other Weekly Round-Ups:

Did we miss anything? Anyone? Please leave a comment!

Happy reading and joyous writing,

Martina & Marissa


  1. Another great and helpful list. Thanks so much for taking the time to pull it all together :)

    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  2. Your lists are always amazing. And thanks girlfriends for including the link to the Harry Potter travel entries on my blog. The attraction was truly amazing. Have a super weekend. Blessings, Buffy

  3. I think this list is even longer than most weeks. It's so amazing how you find all these helpful sites. Thanks.

  4. Squee! I'm so excited to have made your list!!! At the top of a section, no less. Thanks, Martina and Marissa!!! : )

  5. I always love all your links. Thanks. I especially love this ones this week on Craft of Writing. So good.

  6. I'm flattered my Resource Roundup piece is included along with all these other amazing posts. I don't always comment, but your weekly review of best blog articles is always hugely helpful. Brava!

  7. Thanks for posting about my contest!

  8. AAAAGGGGHHH too much info! I'll have to come back to this after this weekend and take a more thorough look. But thanks for linking me so much. *blushes*

  9. So so so helpful. A million thank yous, Martina and Marissa <3

  10. Another amazing Friday link roundup!
    After reading The Not So Humble Verb on W.I.P It, I was reminded of Arthur Plotnik's book, Spunk & Bite: a writer's guide to bold, contemporary style. This is a GREAT book for learning to break out of bland or cliche writing styles, and is a contrast/qualifier to Strunk and White's The Elements of Style.

    To take a quote from Arthur Plotnik: "I see dead writing." LOL He'll help you see yours!

  11. Oh my gosh! That is some tendonitisish linkage! I've got a contest going to if you're interested! It's for both aspiring and published authors. Would be great if you could check it out if you find the time! :o)

    Are you a writer? Then you MUST enter this CONTEST!

  12. Lynda, Natalie, Sherri, and Karen, thanks so much for your kind words! Isn't it amazing how much great stuff the writing community puts up each week? The resources and support are mind-boggling.

    Ara, Buffy, Lisa, Bluestocking, and Nicole, thanks for being among those who put up great content!!!!

    Carol, I'm a big fan of both snark and Strunk and White (no comments from the peanut-gallery or my crit group, please :D) I'll have to check out Spunk & Bite. (Actually, that sounds like a great title for a tongue-in-cheek vampire paranormal.)

    And TAA, I'm sorry we didn't catch your contest. It looks awesome, so everyone should definitely check it out. I couldn't find an end date, but if it runs through next weekend at least, please drop me an email and we will include it in next week's round-up.


  13. GAH! I just spent two hours looking through this stuff--and I was skimming! Haven't even taken a shower yet, and it's all your fault.

    Haha, Martina, fantabulous idea on the vampire paranormal with SPUNK AND BITE. I wonder if Arthur Plotnik would mind...?


  15. Now I have my weekend reading material! Thanks so much for the links.

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  17. you missed me! i'm giving away signed copies of THE BROKEN LAKE and THE PACE by shelena shorts, as well as ANGEL STAR by jennifer murgia. there's also a query crit and a first chapter crit. and those are only 4 of the 6 great prizes!

  18. I'm amazed. How do you get any of your own writing done? It must have taken you days to compile this list. Thank you, as always, for finding the best writing articles on the net, so I don't have to. You ladies rock. :-)

  19. Thanks for the YA Highway linkage! :)

  20. Thanks for the linkie love. :D

    OMG I'm going to be busy once I get home from my vacation. So many great links to read. Good thing the kids are going back to school soon. ;)

  21. I can't wait till September 29th...

    p.s. Thanks for the Inspirational billing even!!!!!!

  22. Carol, sorry to delay your shower. But think of it making you a true writer. Don't we all write in our PJs half the time?

    Julie, Tahereh, Kara & Janice, thanks for your kindness! We've gotten into a system, and it's really surprisingly easy.

    Amie, sorry to have missed you. Hopefully people will follow the link by clicking on your name from your comment. Looks like an awesome contest!

    Kate, Stina, K.M., you are so welcome! Your posts are always awesome!


  23. Thanks Martina and Marissa for another valuable list of articles offering top notch information for the writer. I wish I had the time to visit them all. Also thanks for including posts from my blogsite in your list. It makes all the hours spent writing them worthwhile.

  24. OUCH!!! My finger hurts scrolling down that list of SUPER DUPER links!

    I've been away for a while and I see I'll have to get a bionic SCROLL finger in order to keep up with you gals!



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