Friday, July 30, 2010

9 Best Articles This Week for Writers 7/30/2010

Wow, were there a lot of great articles this week! Here's some of what we found, but if we missed something great, please let us know. If you have good news or a great link to share, please put it in the comments!

To Market
After the Sale
Trends and Issues
Twitter, Blogging, and Social Media
Just for Smiles
 Other Weekly Round-Ups:

Did we miss anything? Anyone? Please leave a comment!

Happy reading and joyous writing,

Martina & Marissa


  1. Wow - this is another awesome list - thanks for compiling :)

  2. Oh my, you've included one of my posts??? I am humbled. Thank you. You've surrounded me with an amazing company of bloggers.

    As I was scrolling your list, it hit me. I was terrified to go on vacation the week after next, worrying about missing out. All I'll have to do is check here that Friday. Yay!! Hmmm...I'll have to hijack a stranger's laptop, though. I've been forbidden to touch my laptop--well, except to check-in on WriteOnCon.

    Enjoy your weekend, ladies, and thank you again.

  3. you've blown me away again and again.

    love you so hard, ladies.

    you're an inexorable force in the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks for including me in your round-up. I'm honored!

    Another great list to keep me busy over the weekend. Hope yours goes well.

  5. Fantastic links. Thank you.

    Happy weekend. :)

  6. My usual Friday haunt! Thanks a lot for the hard work you put into these Friday roundups.

  7. Holy snap! What a delicious post! I may never leave the house again.

  8. Hey Marissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog and propping me up when I wish I was in LA. But what fun we'll have listening to the tales from Martina and Lisa Green (my writing buddy). Enjoy the rest of you Sunday!


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