Friday, June 11, 2010

8 YA/MG Line-By-Line Contest Submissions Are Final

Disqualified entries (along with alternates not accepted) have now been removed from the comments of the submissions post. If your first sentence is still there, you are in. A list of all entries will be posted on 6/17 and comments will be opened for respectful opinions.

We reluctantly disqualified four entries for not following the rules. One was from a work-in-progress rather than a completed manuscript, and three more contained two sentences instead of one.

Agents who take the time to judge these contests are hoping to find manuscripts that interest them. If they are excited about an entry, they want to be able to ask for more and know that the author will be able to click the send button immediately, and that the entry will follow their submission guidelines. Accepting entries when our guidelines weren't met would have been unfair to our guest judge as well as to the other writers who did follow the rules. We know the submission process is often confusing, and apologize for any hurt feelings. We didn't reach these decisions lightly, but felt it was important to be fair.

Whether you made final 100 entries or not, congratulations on having a completed manuscript, and congratulations on having the courage to start submitting! You have already gotten further than most writers.

Good luck, everyone!

Martina & Marissa


  1. I think these types of contests are so instructive. Can't wait until the 17th! I'm tackling a YA project on that's been on the backburner for NaNoWriMo this year and am looking to be inspired by the entries.

  2. I hope, before anyone starts grousing about getting booted, they realize that it's MUCH better to be disqualified for not following the rules now than for it to happen when querying "for real".

    And good luck to everyone who made it through.

  3. Bluestocking -- I am right there with you. I've been sporting an Elphaba-tan over not being able to enter myself, but the entries are amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing them unfold!

    Josin -- thank you! At least with a contest entry, you're not blowing the option to query again. When I started querying, I made the newbie mistake of querying too soon, and I've (gasp) had mistakes in my submission materials or typos in a query letter. Worse (double gasp) I will probably make mistakes again despite my very best efforts. The realization that I've potentially killed my chances with a great agent over a mistake is haunting. But the truth is, there is so much great material out there submitted by writers who follow the rules, that *not* following the rules *shouldn't* be ignored.

    Oh, and in case anyone missed it, here's an interesting post from Kathleen Ortiz on the subject of submission guidelines.


  4. Good luck to everyone who made it through. What a great contest. :)

  5. Your contest was tons of fun. And look how many blog followers you ladies have now. WOW! Way to go, girlfriends:) And lots of luck to everyone who entered.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries - should be lots of fun!

  7. Elphaba-tan. Oh my God, that is too funny.

    This is a fabulously fun contest and I'm so excited to be part of it. Good luck to all 100 contestants!

  8. AWWW you mean we have to be respectful??? Just kidding!!! I'm really excited to read the entries! Congrats to everyone who entered just for putting yourself out there.


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