Thursday, June 10, 2010

YA/MG Line-By-Line Contest Submissions Are Closed

Thanks for your submissions, everyone. Round One submissions are now complete.

What a great collection of entries! We will be very excited to turn these over to Natalie Fischer for judging.

We currently have 105 entries posted. We will take the first 100 entries, but we accepted 5 alternates in case we find duplicates or need to eliminate anyone as we review entries. We already eliminated one entry earlier because it was labeled a work in progress. (The rules clearly state that the contest is for completed manuscripts only.)

As we eliminate entries, we will delete them. If your entry still appears in the comments of the original post as of noon Eastern Time tomorrow, your submission will become official.

Final entries will be posted one week from today and opened for peer comments. Please refer back to the full schedule for upcoming rounds and new submissions information. This is a five-round contest, so the top 75 entries will be invited to submit an additional sentence.

Good luck, everyone! And thanks so much for entering!

Martina & Marissa


  1. A great bunch of first-liners! Can't wait to see the results.
    I noticed, however, that a couple were actually TWO sentences made up of a short phrase and a longer sentence. I am wondering how these will be handled, especially since later in my own 5 lines (assuming I continue on) I have a one-word "sentence" that is a sound, i.e, Whap! I had been planning on using it all by its solo self, as a "sentence." Is that the correct way to do it?

  2. Hi Carol,

    Great question and a valid observation! This is why we accepted the five alternates. We are in the process of trying to decide whether anyone who submitted more than one sentence will be eliminated, or whether we will simply take the first sentence and delete the rest. As far as your sound goes, I suggest you consider whether it has to be its own sentence or whether you can use punctuation to consolidate. But please consolidate *only* if you feel it is artistically appropriate. If the sound is stronger on its own, remember that we will be asking for all previous sentences to be included with each new round. That way, our judge will see the new sentence in context. A single sound could have more impact than many full sentences--it all depends on what you do with it, what comes before it, and what comes after.

    Good luck!

  3. Perfect answer. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you, Martina & Marissa, for such a cool contest. I look forward to seeing those first paragraphs build as each finalist adds a line. Great lesson there :o)

  5. Yes, this will be fun! I am choosing my favorites and will see if I'm right about which ones will carry on and which ones will get eliminated.

  6. Thanks for so many awesome entries everyone! We are already reading through them all, trying to figure out what will happen. Jemi and Anonymous, it's going to be great fun to see which opening lines we think will do well, and compare that to Natalie's thoughts.

    JD Spikes, that is so true! Seeing how a paragraph rolls out will be a very unique experience. We're looking forward to it, too!

    Martina & Marissa

  7. I'm looking forward to see how things go as the sentences are revealed. There are some I can't wait to read more of.

  8. If you do this again, please consider having open windows before or after the standard work day. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous at 11 AM has a good idea. Open windows before or after a standard work day next time would be nice. I was fortunate enough to actually have time on my lunch break to pop on, but usually I don't.

  10. Stina -- me too! I'm blown away by some of these entries and can't wait to read more.

    JD and Anonymous -- We hope to do another contest in the fall. If we do, we will definitely move the submission windows later. We've learned a lot by organizing this one, and we appreciate the patience and great sugestions we've received.

    This whole blogging thing is still new and a little overwhelming (we've only been at it 3 months) so thanks for bearing with us. We keep feeling like the training wheels have come off too soon!



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