Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 Self-Publishing Q & A: Your Questions

We usually reserve Tuesdays for How-To Write type articles in which we explore ways to approach common writing challenges. This week, we're going to explore what self-publishing can offer a new or emerging author.

YA Author Kiera Cass self-published THE SIREN when she couldn't find any takers on the traditional publishing route. The decision worked out very well for her, and her latest novel is currently being presented to traditional publishers by her new agent from the Caren Johnson Literary Agency.

Kiera has graciously agreed to take your questions about self-pubbing this week and provide answers next Tuesday.

And because Marissa and I aren't shy, we'll start the questions off:
  1. Would you recommend paying for a printed version of a self-published book, or going purely the digital route?
  2. What's the best way to self-publish a printed book?
  3. What are the options for self-publishing digitally?
  4. Does self-publishing hurt your chances for finding a traditional publisher later?
  5. What was the most surprising thing you learned as the result of self-publishing THE SIREN?
Can you think of any more questions? Pony up, folks. There won't be another opportunity like this one. Here's you chance to find out if self-publishing is something you might consider.

Please post your questions in the comments.

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P.S. Want to know more about Kiera's self-publishing journey? Read her earlier WOW Wednesday post:

Kiera Cass on Going It Alone


  1. Great questions Martina and Marissa. I am very interested in this post and her answers. I've considered doing this.
    Would she do it again?
    Who was her "editor" on her ms.
    How did she handle publicity?
    Pros and con of self-publishing?
    How many books did she print and how many sold?

  2. Great questions from the above commenter- I just wanted to say I can't wait to hear the answers to these!

  3. Great post.

    -How did she find approaching an agent after self publication?

    Looking forward to the answers.:)

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  5. Buffy has asked some great questions. Looking forward to reading the answers.

  6. There's some great questions here! I'm going to be releasing my first self-published book later this fall, and I'd like to ask Kiera if she did everything herself - editing, design, formatting, the cover, etc. or if she paid for the services. Also, who would she recommend for self-publishing? I've decided to go with Createspace, but if there are better options, I'd like to consider them.

  7. wow so cool. can't wait to read the answers!!

    a big thanks to you all!!

  8. This is FASCINATING--I can't wait to hear her take on these!

  9. Congrats on your success Kiera!

    I always like to hear about how people promote their works, self-published or traditionally.

    So anything Kiera wants to share would be welcomed.

  10. Wow, can't wait to read her answers. I'm also wondering if self-publishing helped or hindered her search for an agent. Fantastic of you to feature her. So many writers are searching for alternative and *viable* publishing venues.

  11. Also thought of a couple of questions:

    Did she choose the self-publishing route because she was fed up with rejections? And at what point did she decide, "Forget it, I'm going to do this on my own"?

    Also, (sorry, I know this is more than a "couple" :P) why the decision to pursue a traditional publisher this time around? Was self-publishing more of way to get closer to traditional publishing? I've seen writers both DIScouraged from doing this as well as ENcouraged. Curious as to what Kiera's thoughts are.

    I'm fascinated with the possibility of another route that might help get a wider range of voices out there! And, yes, brava, Kiera!!

  12. This will be fun. I'd like to know if she queried for her agent, and if so, did she include the information about her self-publishing in the query.

  13. Great questions everyone! Keep them coming. We will be anxious to see how Kiera responds to some of these thought-provoking questions next week. How lucky we are to have her generously sharing her thoughts with all of us!

    Martina & Marissa

  14. Wonderful stuff here, ladies! I can't wait to come back and see what she has to say about these questions! :-)


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