Friday, May 7, 2010

9 This Week for Writers

This week, I decided I was going to just bookmark wonderful posts for writers and lump them all together instead of putting them on the blog one at a time. So here goes. Most of them are from this week, but some go back a little farther. Have a look.

On inspiration and the writing life:
What We Give Up from literary agent Rachelle Gardner
The Benefit of Hindsight by Karen Witemeyer
We All Just Wanna Have Fun by literary agent Miriam Goderich
Reasons I Write by Rachel Greer
7 Steps to Creativity - How to Have Ideas by Simon Townley
Are You Getting These 5 Daily Writing Vitamins? by Suzannah at Write It Sideways
On writing well:
57 Links of Awesome Writing Information and Help from Rebecca Ryals Russell
Writing Wisdom from David Cullen (No, dummies, no relation to Edward)
Starting a Novel in the Wrong Place from literary agent Kristin Nelson
The Series Bible from literary agent Nathan Bransford
Give Yourself License to Try from literary agent Mary Kole
The Writer's Toolkit: Eavesdropping for Dialogue by editor Alan Rinzler
Editing - Meet the Novel Killer by Kristing Lamb
Three Vital Steps to Writing a Novel by Bubble Cow
8 Basic Writing Blunders by Jerry B. Jenkins (Writer's Digest)
On submitting to literary agents:
You're Not Wasting My Time from literary agent Janet Reid
Your Current Project Should Always Be the Focus of Your Query from literary agent Nathan Bransford
Resubmitting Queries from literary agent Jessica Faust
5 Hints for Agent Meeting Survival by Tina Haapala, the Excuse Editor
Building Your Pitch by Elana Johnson for QueryTracker.Net
A Note on Synopses by literary agent Elaine English
Synopsis Pointers and a Reminder from Literary Lab
How to Survive Being on Sub AKA The Neurotic Writer's Guide by Lee Bross at YA Highway
On rejections:
Form Rejection by Tahereh Mafi (SO Fun)
If at First You Don't Succeed: Very Famous Book Rejections by Stacy in Neatorama Only
On contracts and negotiations:
What's in a Publishing Contract by literary agent Rachelle Gardner
What If Multiple Agents Want Your Work by Chuck Sambuchino
Author-Agent Agreements from literary agent Jessica Faust
Happy reading and joyous writing. Enjoy the journey.



  1. Need to bookmark this page. Great stuff! Thank you.

  2. WOW Ladies - I'll have to give up my job to keep up with you!!!!


    Have just sent you an email regarding prizes

  3. I love these type posts where everything so nicely linked! It makes such an easy one-stop reference!

  4. Thanks for the links, Martina! All of your links are informative and interesting.

  5. Perfect way to spend my weekend! Thanks for the links!!!

  6. Wow! What a fantastic list of links! I am bookmarking this right now. Thank you!

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  7. Looooved the 57 links. And the. And the. Well, all of it. (Smiles) Super job on your blog:)

  8. Hey girls! Glad Martina compiled all these links for us. She's the original Super Mom, Super Blogger, and Super Writer. Who can keep up?

    Buffy, thanks for your support!

    Have a terrific weekend everyone!


  9. awww thank you so much for the linkage!! you're awesome!!

    and these links are fabulous!!!!


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