Friday, May 14, 2010

16 This Week for Writers 5/14/2010: Articles You Don't Want to Miss

There are so many generous writers, authors, agents, and editors out there in the blogosphere willing to share their experiences and expertise, it can be hard to keep up with all the information. Check below for our recommendations of great posts put up or brought to our attention this week. We hope you'll find them as helpful as we did. And be sure to return every Friday for the current installment.

A Tale of Two Writing Groups
A Writer's 10 Welcome Signs
22 Websites Every Writer Must Use
James Killick On Getting Into Your Writing Headspace
You're tougher than you think

Craft of Writing:
Nathan Bransford on Voice
C. Patrick Shulze on Bringing Your Writing to Life
How Many Subplots is Too Many
Weaving Background (Bubble Cow Tweeted this)
A Misunderstanding Is Not A Conflict
Examining the Strange: The Basics of Writing Fantasy
Plotting for Kids: The Story Spine
YA Highway: What To Do With All That Advice
6 Reasons I Stop Reading and How to Avoid Them

Editing Your Novel:
C. Patrick Shulze, Tips to Edit Your Novel
5 Tips for Revising with Editors
How to Know What Critiques to Accept
Setting Ground Rules for Critiques

Congratulations to Our Friends:
JayceeKaycee Advances in the Angels and Demons Portal Contest!
Lisa Gail Green at Paranormal Point of View for Correctly Identifying a Monster :-D

To Market:
A Talk With Three Literary Agents « Ingrid's Notes
Research Publishers & Agents Before Querying
Book Contract Essentials
Subtexts, "Hoops" & Industry Standards
Chasing Trends and Why You Should Just Write the Book You Want to Write
Debunking the Can't Get Published Unless You're Published Perception
Elizabeth Craig on Synopses
April Notes on the Slushpile from Elana Roth
Query Fail: Debunking Query Myths

Rachel Gardner's Secrets of a Great Pitch
Chris Richman Picks Winning Pitches
Elana Johnson on Building Your Pitch
25 Words or Less--Chris Richman on the Elevator Pitch
The One Sentence, One Paragraph, and Two Paragraph Pitch

Twitter & Blogging:
Nicole Humphries' Favorite Hashtags for Writers
Nicole Humphries' Favorite Tweets for Writers May 2 - May 9
What You Can Learn from Agents Who Blog (Great links!)
Alice Pope's Wednesday Tweet Roundup

Contests & Critique Opportunities:
Dear Lucky Agent Fantasy & Sci Fi Contest
Nathan Bransford's 1st Page Critiques on Mondays
Contest that Imploded Your Brains

Just for Smiles:
What's Your Real Genre (A Quiz for the Unsure)
What If Everyone Had Always Been on Twitter at the Same Time?
21 Things Your Characters Should Never Say
Bella Swan You Are Grounded
You're Welcome
Children's Books You Will Never See (Note--Not for the faint-hearted!)

And don't forget to check Nathan Bransford's blog later this morning for his weekly recap of publishing news and information.

Happy reading and joyous writing,

Martina & Marissa


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog post! Your blog is so helpful, and I hope you guys keep up the good work!

  2. Oh, cool! Thanks for compiling this list- and it's a weekly feature too! What a great reference. Adventures in Children's Publishing has become the first place I go when I need writing help.

    And I'm blushing because you mentioned I moved on to the next round in the contest. I only wish I could replace my old query with my new and improved one.

    Thanks, Martina and Marissa!

  3. This is the absolute best list of links I've ever seen. You totally put me to shame!! And I'm emailing this to myself so I can use some of these in my newsletter.

    You guys have gone above and beyond awesome.


  4. Thanks for all the links. I don't know how you keep up with it all.

  5. I keep saying you are the most informative blog ever! And it isn't just cuz you link to me. :)

  6. Aw, thanks for the mention!

    These are some great links! I look forward to reading them all over the weekend.


  7. Holy Moly! It will take me more than the weekend to get through all of those. What a fantastic list!! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  8. Glad you like the idea of the weekly feature and hope you find the links helpful!

  9. Martina, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying such sweet stuff. :) You've done some great research here! Thanks for all of the I'm off to check them out.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't have some of these blogs tag, but now I do.

    The Writing Mama

  11. Marissa and Martina - YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT!!

    You are ABSOLUTELY everywhere lately!

    I saw you comment over at Jill Corcoran's blog the other day...I said something about you,too.

    These links are SUPER! I can't say it enough - THANK YOU BOTH! Have a great weekend!

  12. Aww, thanks for linking to my blog.
    Thanks for the great links too, off to check them out now.:)

  13. Awesome! Thanks so much for this list!

  14. Thanks for including YA Highway!

  15. Thanks so much for all your support, everyone. We love comments and appreciate your input. And for all of you who had articles we included, believe me when I say it was our pleasure to add them to the list. You guys all do such good work to support other writers! Give yourselves a hand.


  16. I'm a-blushing clear down to my toes that you included my blog post on researching publishers and agents. Many thanks!


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