Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spread the Knowledge -- Thanks to Our Supporters!

We have been blogging for two months today! Wow. The time has flown, and we have learned a lot. We've also 'met' some amazing writers, and feel incredibly privileged to have been able to share our thoughts and our journey with you all. We wanted to say thank you. So. YAY! Thanks VERY much for all  you help and support!!!!!! Second, we wanted to do something to mark the anniversary. We were going to do a contest, and I posted a poll last week to help us choose the prize. Then we started the Underappreciated YA Book Nomination Giveaway, and doing another contest lost its appeal.

We decided to give away the prize chosen in the poll to our top commenter instead. Then we had two commentors who were running neck and neck. So, we have to do two giveaways. And we decided to add a twist. You all picked the knowledge-packed The First Five Pages: A Writer's Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman, and we'll give that away along with The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children by Nancy Lamb.

We're going to ask you to help spread the knowledge. We hope our winners will read the books they receive and do a giveaway on their own blogs to pass them along again. Or we will be happy to have them back here to host the giveaway on our blog. We just want the chain to continue.

The winners and top two commenters are:
Ann Marie Wraight
Julie Musil
Thank you so much, ladies! We will sign these books and get them out to you. Read them, sign them, and pass them on to reward the other writers you know who support each other and work on the craft.

Thanks to you ALL for being awesome and giving us so much love,

Martina and Marissa

P.S. -- Julie and Ann Marie, send us your mailing address by email or twitter; first response gets first pick.



    I have NEVER won anything before.....!

    I don't mind which - ask Julie....if she doesn't have a specific preference then Nancy Lamb has a teeny weeny bit more appeal.....maybe we can read them and swap Julie....CONGRATS to you, too!
    THAAAAANNNKKS LADIES!!!! .....pretty obvious I have NEEEEEEVER won anything before right?? HE he.......I WON!!!!

    Will email you later with mailing address.

  2. You're so welcome! Yay. I'm glad you are happy. You absolutely deserve it for being such a good friend to us!


  3. Hip hip hooray! Thank you ladies! Your blog is soooo worth reading, and I'm all too happy to visit here often. I'd be happy to receive the first five pages book. And I like Ann Marie's idea where we could swap them afterwards. AND I'd be happy to sign them and send them on to other writers. Thanks so much Martina and Marissa for giving us all such a great place to visit. Congratulations to Ann Marie, and to Martina and Marissa on month #2!

  4. Julie, thanks for such kind sentiments. Truly, it is people like you who demonstrate support and kindness that make this blog such a meaningful endeavor for Martina and I. Congratulations to both you and Ann Marie for being active in the writing community and thanks for all your participation!


  5. A special thank you on my blog today!


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