Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Writing as an Unbroken Line

"If we want to make and love art we move between times – the past, present and future. The continuous line is awe-inspiring and humbling, but we all share this sense of beauty and value. And we walk in the footsteps of so many who knew what it means to strive to be great at their craft."

I was reading a post on Sarah Davies' blog (Greenhouse Literary) titled The Italian Job, and came came across the above paragraph. The whole post, which started off with a few thoughts on Bologna, Tuscany, Italy, art, and business, was inspirational and thought-provoking. It's easy to get lost in the writing or the business of trying to get published. This post was a timely reminder to dare to dream. It was also great to be reminded that agents want to be part of the art of writing, not just the business of it.

"As the great Renaissance painters and architects understood, every detail is crucial in supporting great structures - every plank of wood, every touch of the brush; and every detail of a story. And the greatest art is generally underpinned by the necessity of business.

We may never end up painting the Sistine Chapel or chiselling a flawless Pieta, and we may never be remembered for writing the Divine Comedy. But we can still aspire to greatness in whatever we do. And that goes for agents as well as writers. "

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