Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Twitterific List

Editorial Ass shared an article that just ran in The Huffington Post. This article highlights the 50 Best Book People to Follow on Twitter. If you're on Twitter, it's a must-see list!

We want to know,  who do you follow in the publishing world? Post to comments!

Happy Tweeting!


  1. I am new to Twitter. I started my account specifically to network with people in the publishing industry, both established and aspiring. I follow 125 people so far, including several mentioned on the list above.

    I follow @colleenlindsay, and although she's not interested in repping my genre (I write YA, but not mainstream- I write YA paranormal), I have learned a lot from her.

    I wake up every morning to find several tweets with useful links for writers by @elizabethscraig.

    @Georgia_McBride is great for YA writers.

    @laurieabkemeier posts the Agent Obvious Tip of the Day- humorous yet helpful advice on what to do, or not to do, when seeking representation.

    While reading the insiders' tweets is helpful, they don't care at all about little ol' me. I've been building Twitter relationships with other aspiring writers, and that's where I find the most encouragement.

  2. Jaycee

    Thanks so much for this list. Very helpful!


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