Thursday, April 1, 2010

4 A Must Read: Hex Hall

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have Martina to thank for opening my eyes to the world of YA. On the Literary Rambles blog, hosted by Casey McCormick, Hex Hall was recently recommended by Casey and several other followers. I was intrigued enough to investigate this book on Amazon, and make a subsequent trip to the bookstore to pick it up.

Hex Hall did not disappoint. The main character, Sophie Mercer, is a half-breed witch thrust into a boarding school for magical types. She's tortured by the popular, beautiful witches, one of who happens to date the most gorgeous warlock (male witch) in school. Her roommate is the lone vampire admitted into Hecate (Hex) Hall, and is hated by the rest of the student body. As for Sophie, the secrets about her family's past just keep revealing themselves during her time at school. And did I mention there's a killer on the loose?

Author Rachel Hawkins has done a fantastic job of creating tension that builds and humor that keeps the reader laughing. The teenage angst Sophie experiences is relevant amidst an unusual setting. Even better, a second book is in the works! This book is a twist on several books that I love. It's a touch of Harry Potter, though the protagonist is a female witch. There are just a few elements of the Twilight series, too. Even with such references, it manages to have a truly unique voice and plot that will hook you from the onset.

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  1. Thanks for the book referral. Sounds cool.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you picked up Hex Hall and liked it.

  3. Julie, we're glad we could pass along the recommendation! Casey, we are THRILLED to have you following us! We love your site and are always grateful for your fantastic posts.

  4. Well if Casey and others are giving such 5 star ratings, I suppose I'll have to stretch my credit card a little bit more...again...sigh.


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