Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 A Great Plot By Definition

Martha Alderson, AKA the Plot Whisperer, posted a great definition of plot on her blog this past week. Of itself that might not seem too exciting. But I loved how she did it, by gradually adding to the definition the same way many of us writers approach a story. She began with plot as a series of scenes:
Plot is a series of scenes that show outward action.
And ended with plot as the core of a well-developed novel:
Plot is a series of scenes deliberately arranged by cause and effect to create dramatic action filled with conflict, tension, and suspense to further the character’s emotional development and create thematic significance.
As she added to the definition, she explained the significance of each story element. I particularly loved that she included thematic significance as part of the plot. It is so often overlooked, or tacked on, but when done well it is the unifying force that weaves everything in the plot together. In effect, it is what makes a great novel great. The Plot Whisperer points out, "It is the main thrust of your presentation and what you hope to prove through your story. The theme is the why: what you want your audience to take away after having read your story."

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