Monday, March 29, 2010

2 Who Hasn't Been There?

The step of physically sending out your query or manuscript is daunting. An envelope and some stamps should be easy, right? You've been careful to avoid using a crazy font, scented paper, or anything we've read about a hundreds times over. Editorial Anonymous shared this post, and while it is a bit frantic, we can all relate. Once again, the Golden Rule in the world of publishing should be thou shall do thy homework.

Happy Mailing!


  1. Hi Guys! Am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Clear , precise and full of LOGIC! What more could a wannabe want...and as a teacher I can only reiterate what you said about the homework-thing. THANKS! You are fun...

  2. So funny! Sending letters and manuscripts out is a daunting task! I have to remind myself that the work can't be accepted or rejected :( if it doesn't leave my house!


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