Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Thank You for Rejecting Me

While I've personally never sent a thank you for receiving a rejection letter, this insight from BookEnds LLC points out situations in which a thank you could be appropriate. When you consider the number of query letters agents receive each day, getting some gratitude for slogging through a whole manuscript and providing constructive comments doesn't seem too much to ask. On the other hand, don't they get enough mail already?

Here's one agents perspective:

Thank You Notes

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  1. When I get a personalized rejection, I always send a quick thank you, for two reasons: (1) that agent took the time to carefully consider my work and felt moved by it enough to let me know why it didn't work for him/her, and (2) to cultivate a relationship with that agent, whether it'll lead to anything in the future or not. I mean, it's always nice to have another friend, right, so why not?

    When I get a response that's obviously a form rejection, though, I don't always send a thank you. If the response is speedy, I'll shoot back a quick line thanking them for the timely reply. If it took them forever to send me a form reject, I just let it go, since that agent is probably already overwhelmed with email and won't appreciate more email, even if it's a thank you.

  2. Thanks for your perspective, Ara! Great to see you here....


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