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We adore guest posts and the opportunity to promote authors and writers!

We run the names, book blurbs, covers, purchase and goodreads links for upcoming YA releases from major publishers as part of our YA Books In Stores This Week Monday round-ups. We invite authors to provide an answer to one interview question to accompany that post. If you would like to answer the question, it will move the book up toward the top of the post.

If you would like to include a giveaway as part of that post, your book will appear in the top category with a larger cover--and it will remain there for two weeks—once as part of the giveaway and once as part of the winner announcements. These do not need to occur during your release week, but that is the ideal time for them. Again, we already include goodreads and amazon links directly to the book. Unfortunately, we cannot include any other links since these posts are automatically compiled from our database! 

WOW Wednesday Posts are our regular author to writer feature on, you guessed it, Wednesdays. The posts are 750 – 1100 words on the most important piece of advice that you, the author, has received or gleaned on the road to pub that made the difference in turning you from a writer to an author, or something that you want to pass on to other writers that you think will truly make a difference.

Friday Craft Posts can be on some aspect of writing, editing, promotion, publicity or anything else related to writer's journey or craft--even just an inspirational piece that you would like to share with our readers. These should be 800-2000 words and speak to writers who are serious about writing. We would prefer detailed information. The posts do not need to be targeted toward YA writers.

If you would like to participate in a Craft of Writing or WOW Wednesday and you are traditionally published, please contact us at ayaplit [at] gmail [dot] com so we can get you on the schedule. We also reach out to select authors, editors, writing coaches, and writing bloggers by invitation. Once scheduled, you can send the posts any time so long as we have it at least two days before the post date. Please note that while we do include posts from non-traditionally published authors, those are by invitation only. Due to the workload involved and time and space limitations, we simply cannot handle the demands of keeping up with all publications. Thanks for understanding!

PLEASE READ for All Guest Posts

For all Craft of Writing and WOW Wednesday posts, please include a short bio, links to your blog, twitter, facebook, and website, along with links to an author photo and bookcover.

If you would like to do a giveaway, that's fantastic. Just let us know when you send the post, and we can send you the name of the winner.

There is absolutely no obligation to do a giveaway! We understand author copies are limited, so we want to make it clear that we are not asking for copies, only offering.

First Five Pages Workshop Mentorships

We offer a First Five Pages Workshop that opens for entries at noon on the first Saturday of every month. Each month, we will review one original entry, plus two revisions only for the first five entries accepted. We love to have guest authors or editors as mentors for these workshops, and have been fortunate to have fabulous established authors like the fabulous Sarah Ockler, Leah Cypess, and Nancy Holder along with newer authors like rising star Kat Zhang, and the talented and energetic author and blogging queen, Elana Johnson. Guest authors should be prepared to mentor through all three versions of the submissions, but we absolutely understand that scheduling conflicts and deadlines can interfere. Workshop participants are alerted to this in advance, so if an author has to drop out after the first or second round, it is not a problem.

Along with guest authors, we are also open to craft experts, and we've been fortunate to have both Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, authors of the Emotion Thesaurus. If you are a blogger, agent, editor, book reviewer, or craft book author and would like to mentor, please get in touch!

We feature guest mentors prominently, along with their books, accomplishments, and any writing/editing/critiqueing/mentorship services they offer.

Note: We've recently moved the First Five Pages Workshop to its own site here:

We're including a permanent link to the workshop along with the guest mentor's cover or photo in the top right of the Adventures in YA Publishing blog as well.

If you are interested in mentoring, please look on our Contests and Workshops page for additional information, including the next available month, and then contact us at AdventuresInYAPub [at] icloud dot com for scheduling.

Agent Contests and Workshops

We run a contest every three months. We will be alternating our original Pitch+250 contest with a shorter, less intensive contest. If you are interested in being a judge, please check our Contests and Workshops page for additional information.

Eligible Authors and Publishers

It is with deep regret that we have to put a disclaimer here because we are flooded with requests from authors who would like to offer giveaways or participate in guest posts. Unfortunately, the work involved in arranging and setting up interviews, giveaways, and guest posts means that we must set an arbitrary limit to establish which books and authors we can include on the blog.

The world of publishing is changing fast. In addition to the big and mid-sized publishers, many authors are doing hybrid or indie pub, and many new presses are providing additional opportunities for both writers and readers. This is great, and we are impressed and enchanted with the quality of the books put out by Entangled Teen, Month9Books, Spencer Hill and so many other small, and indie presses who will soon be (or are fast becoming) major forces in publishing. Similarly, we are thrilled with all the various digital first or digital only imprints of the major publishers who are bringing us great new options in content. Self-published authors have proven that quality content is quality content, and some of the originally self-published books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, with many becoming traditionally published as well. Other indie books sell only a handful of copies. All of which is a long explanation for a short statement: deciding which book, author, or publisher is more valid than another is a no-win task.

We are all volunteers here at AYAP, and we all have other jobs and obligations, so our decision about guest posts and giveaways is this: for now, until we have more help, we can only include the releases each week that will have the biggest distribution in bookstores. This leaves out a lot of great books, but again, this is not in any way a judgment on value. We wish we could include every book, author, and publisher. We hope you will understand!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Martina, Alyssa, Katharyn, Jan, Erin, and Jocelyn


  1. Hurray for the Bucket List!! Looking forward to seeing what authors come up with. :)

  2. This is an incredible website. I happened upon it between an art gallery opening - curated by my seven year old - and perusing literary agents on the web. So glad I found you (two hours ago and still in love!)

    1. So happy to hear that! We're really aiming to give writers every aspect of the information they need as readers and writers! Welcome!

  3. Awesome blog! Love the guest post options!

  4. Hey, I would love to be part of the Author promotion. I just stumbled onto this website this morning. My YA fantasy, The Beggar King, came out in the spring (2013) but it's been getting good reviews on GoodReads and I'd be happy to give away a book and answer questions. Please let me know what I can do.


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