Thursday, January 26, 2017

2 Upcoming Contest--Mark Your Calendars!

On March 9th, we'll be kicking off this year's first contest on AYAP. If you're a new follower, we host a contest called Red Light/Green Light. It provides writers with an opportunity to showcase their opening pages and win valuable feedback from agents or authors. 

In the weeks leading up to Red Light/Green Light, you'll want to check back here every Thursday, as we use the time to provide our potential contestants with great advice on how to perfect their openings, as well as interview our contest judge.

Curious as to how Red Light/Green Light works? Here's a breakdown of the contest's schedule.

Round One: Fantastic Firsts
In our opening round of RL/GL, your first line will go head to head with other writers' firsts.

Round Two: Tell Me More
First lines that progress to round two are expanded to full first paragraphs, allowing you a bit more space to really intrigue our contest judge.

Round Three: Query Me, Please
In our third round, your queries are given the opportunity to shine.

Round Four: Page Turners
In RL/GL's final round, full first pages are displayed, giving competitors the opportunity to leave our judge wanting more. Whoever's opening proves irresistible will be our winner!

Later this spring, we'll also host a Critique Partner Match Up here, followed by more events in summer and fall, so bookmark Adventures in YA Publishing for help along your road to publication--there's plenty you won't want to miss!


  1. Does this contest take place all in one day and does it take place on this website or in meatspace?

  2. Red Light/Green Light takes place over the course of four weeks, and is hosted right here on AYAP!


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